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Frugal Friday, 10/29/10

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Happy Friday! Woo-Hoo!!:applause:

For sleeping in a little and throwing my schedule off, I'm still ready to roll! I forgot that I was going to fill the kids' lunchboxes with small black plastic spiders (yes I'm warped), so I had to go thru my Halloween stuff to find them in the basement. And as I was searching, I found a bag full of pumpkin erasers, boxes of stickers, and pencils. So i brought them up and separated them into plastic bags for the kids to take to their classmates. Yay for moving more stuff out of MY house! lol

Today is work for me, as usual. I will leave 1 hour early so that I can go and get groceries, which is working out FABULOUSLY. Tonight is going to be busy. DH is coming home, but I will be helping to set up the school's Halloween carnival. Not really sure what to expect as someone new is leading it and it will be in a new location.

Have a great day!
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Slept in also today. Would have liked to have spend more time lounging in bed but had to get up and going. Sunday morning will definately be a lazy day for me. Right now am waiting for the laundry to get dry. Then off to an appointment then a walk. Was able to go to the farmers market and buy some fresh produce. Also stopped at the cheese stand and tried some samples which is always fun.
I started today out at a group interview for a part-time job. They are hiring 5 spots for the holiday season. I really hope I get the position...I think it would be a really fun job and want to really amp up my savings account.

The rest of the day I will be putzing around, cleaning and working on a powerpoint presentation for my consulting job. Other than that, I really hope I get a check in the mail (I haven't been paid yet for October and I am starting to get PRETTY anxious)...I should have received it last week and I am running on fumes from September.

I hope everybody has a great Friday!
It's the last night of HS football for the season and I am sad! Going to watch my big guy crack some skulls at the game tonight and savor every moment of it.

We found a lost Yorkie two days ago and have not located the owner despite putting up signs, calling the radio stations, calling the lost and found at the humane society, etc..Well, my big Weimaraner is not happy, snapped at the dog and now the poor baby has a doggie black eye. The little baby is so exhausted. He has hardly slept since I found him Wednesday. Being out of his element, missing his people, missing his routine, and being a little scared have given him insomnia. He can barely keep his eyes open today and is finally napping a little.

I am not doing much today other than playing doggie referee, doggie chef, and being a butler to the cats.
Cool and sunny here today!I went to the gym this morning, then came home and made more cookie dough to freeze- trying to get a jump start on Christmas. We are going to a Halloween masquerade party tonight in Kansas , so getting ready for a drive and some fun times! Have a great evening!
gorgeous fall day here. rain is gone. got lots accomplished. lots of laundry done and put away (amazing!!) swept up, swiftered, dusted, cleaned kitchen. cooked. all good! went to dd halloween party at school. got a cute belt that i needed at tj maxx...picked up pants from tailor. now ready to relax and have a fire outside!
Kids were off from school today and I wanted to sleep in, but had to go pay some bills. Took my oldest son with me and ran some errands. Came home to do the girls hair, do some chores, and finish up laundry. Dropping the girls off at a slumber party and then heading to get a movie with the boys and some pizza.
Was up early, took DFIL to an appointment in the next state four hours later back home and exhausted. DFIL took us out for Chinese so I didn't have to cook thank goodness. Will spend the evening on FV and knitting! :)
I am just so tired out. My poor fingers ache. :(

I've been cleaning non-stop since 8:30am. We're having an open house tomorrow, so the house has to look awesome. Other than that, I didn't get to go anywheres today. The kids had half of a day and the TV has been off ALL day. It's actually pretty nice.

I forgot that I had to pay bills today, so I guess I'll do that later tonight. I ordered dinner because well, I'm just too tired to cook right now. :( I'm waiting for the realtor to come over and drop off the open house signs and DH is still at work. Once he gets home, I'll help him move the things that are outside into the basement.

With as busy as I am, I'm still incredibly bored. I'm just bored with everything. My costume is done and DS7 is all set to go out with his friends on Sunday night. I just have to get a pumpkin tomorrow and some candy, then we'll be all set for Sunday night too. DH leaves sometime on Sunday, which has me a little sad, but I think we'll be ok.

I'm off to make some green tea. :D
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I spent my Friday being very frugal. I stayed in bed most of the day. The house was empty and i took this has a "ME" day and did nothing except watch tv and played on the computer.
Wow - forgot to post this morning - spent most of the day on the other side - over 3 hours to the doctor's appt (3 of which were just waiting) then some shopping. Came home, took a nap and just heated up some chicken chili for dinner.

Can feel autumn in the air - cooler nights, winds blowing - the seasons have finally changed!!
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