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Happy Friday!

What a week! I am just exhausted for some reason. I stayed home yesterday, and my home looks immensely better! I will finish up my laundry tonight after I get home from work.

Yesterday, dd took 3rd place in the school-wide spelling bee, so now she's off to the county bee on the 25th. Today, she's off on a ski trip for the 6th grade class. How fun! I will pick her up at 5:00.

Today is work and packing for dd's bball tournament that is 3 hours away. We aren't staying overnight, but I am packing my vehicle with snacks and plenty of activities for the youngest 2. It should be okay, but it's going to be a long one tomorrow!

Have a great day, everyone! Oh, and it's currently 42 degrees outside. After it was below zero yesterday. Go figure. Crazy Montana mountains... :)

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