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I need to get started on cleaning up the house. I just got done working eleven days in a row. I picked up some overtime. I only snapped at a coworker once. Pretty good considering they can drive you nuts. All the wanderers that we have that need to go in and out of our institution for smoke breaks, trips to the vending machine and every thing in between. I'll probably have to smooth it over when I get back on Monday. Oh well!

So far today I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. I need to start the laundry. I activated my new Kohl's charge, Wyndam rewards card and my Gas station debit card. I hardly go to Kohl's and the Wyndam rewards card will give me a free night at one of their motels with the first purchase within thirty days of activating the card. Should help pay for our trip to Omaha the beginning of the summer. The gas station that I go to often came out with a debit card to save .05 off every gallon of gas and then you rack up rewards on top of that. I figured since I get gas there anyway mine as well sign up for one.
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