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Goodmorning!My thoughts will be with our friends having surgery today.:hugz:
Dreary cloudy day here today. Were supposed to really get some rain tomorrow.
Today I'm getting an early start and going to go grocery shopping. This weekend is crazy for shopping and we have a motorcycle festival called AM-Jam in town to add to the fun. Really are nice people and they sure help the local economy when they are in town. Unfortunately this also brings out blanket police patrols that slow down traffic as they check for seat belts, inspection stickers etc. :loop:

Laundry etc too. Kids didn't use all their snow days & have today off. Maybe if I'm lucky someone will do the dishes while I'm gone...nahhh, what am I thinking? :toothy:

Dinner is something I find on sale while shopping.
Don't forget to do something nice for yourself today.:mushy:

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Good morning :wave:

Had an early morning today--Kathryn was up at 4:30 this morning, turns out she has conjunctivitis :( So no school for her, and she'll miss out on the Memorial Day program too. :(

It's raining and dreary here today--looks like a good day for a nap and/or curling up on the couch with a good book.

Other than that, I'll be cleaning and organizing the upstairs and laundry.

I hope everyone has a good day! :)

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Goodmorning Darlene and Michelle!:)

Looks like you are both early and energetic this morning! Reading you motivates me to get on moving! I was sooo tired this morning! ...You know some mornings are just harder to get up and be productive.

Have fun shopping Darlene! ....who knows...your kids may suprise ;)

Michelle, here's some little ((hugs)) and kisses for kathryn :smted: I hope her eyes get better soon! Mathieu(12) also had a conjunctivitis, a week ago... Have fun with your girls!

This morning, my dh, who is off work because of his ankle, is listening to his new Beatles Anthology on CD. He already has the series on video, but he *needed* the CD series.(There's a special addition, you know, in ):rolleyes: And it's too I can't hear myself write! ;)

I'll be doing tons of laundry, AGAIN.(2 days ago, I also did tons os laundrry???) I just don't understand *why* it accumualtes so much!!!

It's a sunny day here, but it's a little chilly...

My parents are coming over for lunch and they will be taking in my aunt for the week-end.

Well, have all a great day!:sun:

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Good Morning All!! :hugz: and prayers with anyone having surgery today!!!
Supposed to be sunny here in Columbus today, rain not supposed to come back until "Memorial Day"

Have to work 8:00-5:00 today, then:
Sort coupons/get ready for weekly FRED'S trip :lol:
Plant some flowers
Trip to Walmart
Clean bathroom (didn't make it in there last night)

Supper at Longhorn's with my brothers family (my nephew graduates this weekend so they're having a get together tonight at the restaurant)

Iron clothes for graduation tomorrow.
Sweep, Mop

:D :D

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Hello everyone,
Raining here again today. I am working until 2 then I have to get a book at the library, get gas, check on the old house in town, pick up dd and a friend from school and then take them back to school at 7:00 for a school sleep over (ridiculous idea the school had to reward top readers). After I get back home, I expect to curl up on the couch with my book and just relax...........

Have a great weekend everybody.


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Nothing exciting going on here today. I have to go and tan at 11:30. Then I will probably come home and run the vaccuum cleaner and I should make my son's birthday cake, but I am afraid that the dog will eat it. Last year when I made a cake for his birthday, the dog got on the table and ate half of it. I had to redo it. So, I will just be puttering around today. It is dreary out but it is not raining yet. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone.


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Frugal Friday...
Today at 6:15 pm Eastern Time my DD will be turning 3 that is the time she came into this world 3 years ago on May23rd,2000 by Emergency C-Section.
So We have Birthday Plans for this weekend.
I have to vacuum
I have to dust
I have to make the birthday cake
I have to sweep
I have to declutter
I have to wash clothes
I have to walk the dogs
I have to exercise.
I have to fix Tonights Dinner(Spaghetti)
Do Daily Devotionals(Read my Bible, Pray,Write out Bible Verses).
Happy Birthday to everyone who has a Birthday in May.
Praying for you all .
Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend Everyone.
:cake: :hearts: :pinkhat: :pblow: :ice: :cone2:

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Hi ladies! Hope all is well with all of you. I am sleeping later than normal, lately, but I feel so good. Only thing is, it doesn't give me enough time to do some much needed things. O, well. I'll tackle those on my day off. :)

I've got to go to work today. Today's payday! :yippee: Something very needed around here! :D Hopefully, I'll stil have some leftover by next Friday.

Have a great day everyone!

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Today is sunny and nice now but we have chance of rain and storms later today.

Today I am going to:

Change linens on all beds (done)
Clean bathrom
Vacuum living room and hallway (done)
Clean oven
Laundry (lots and lots of it)
Make French toast and pancakes for the freezer
Make cookie dough for freezer

Have a great Friday everyone!

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The stores were crazy just as I thought. I came home from shopping & dd had done the dishes!!!! Just had to let you all know!:)

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Hi Ladies!
It's a beautiful and sunny day here in Washington State! I've made 4 loaves of Whole Wheat bread and 1 loaf of Hawaiian Sweet Bread, have 2 loads of laundry done, ordered new checks, played with the cats and the bird and now have all the boys doing yard work. We have a friend staying with us and he is out washing the van (his idea) and I have an idea it is going to turn into an all out water fight later!;) When DH gets home he is going to get the swam cooler serviced and ready to run since it is suppossed to be in the mid to high 80's tommorrow and I don't d heat well at all:cool:

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I am SOOOO tired you guys!

I had such a busy day.

Where do I start..

Well I woke up, and got ayla up and did almost an hour of Pilates.

Then did laundry and dishes while I got myself ready.
Thank goodness I did because the cutest UPS guy came to deliver a package {swoon} it's ok to admire from a distance right? :toothy:

I played with ayla, we did puzzles and danced...
I reorginized a photo album after I found some pictures hidden away in a drawer. I was so glad to find them!

I tried putting away all the clean clothes but carl came home before I could.

Then I did shopping in the evening. I went to Target, then big lots. Then i had to make a return at Target, and bought a couple more items. guess what i'm a dummy and still bought the wrong size hat for ayla and i'll have to make ANOTHER return yet again! THEN I went to safeway to buy cokes. I checked out other deals, didn't find any...there were tourists just getting in my way left and right. THEN when i used my moms club card phone # like i always didn't work! I ended up having to finally sign up for my own card. I felt so dumb :eek:

Then i came home and fixed myself something to eat and ate alone. Then ayla was begging me to play with her and i was just so tired.

Carl of couse was sanding his guitar the whole time i was gone. He really wanted me out of the house so I wouldn't nag him about it :eek: thus the constant shopping on my part. He's been working on his guitars for way too long. I even wrote a poem about it lastnight. I want to show him, but part of me knows that it'll just start a fight and he'll get HIS feelings hurt and suddenly i'll have to be apologizing to HIM ...grrrr
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