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Frugal tip 4/20

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This takes alot of extra work, but if you want to save money, it's worth it. When you use any canned or boxed item, save the package. Do not just save the UPC code. Stores are getting trickier and asking for different parts of the packaging now.

You will need some boxes, and it will take some room, but file these things away in an orderly fashion. Put them in your garage or somewhere that isn't a fire hazard. Keep your receipts also, as you will need them for the rebates.

Always check out the boxes for special offers. Many cereals offer little toys or other things that can be used for birthday parties or small gifts. It may be worth sending off for them.
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This is a good idea, another great idea I wish I had been doing is to collect candy wrappers. My sister collects all the candy bar wrappers her family eats in a grat big jar. When there is a great giveaway, all she does is have to count. I wish I had saved the wrapper for Kraft or Velveeta singles so I could get that lunch pail/cooler to take to school with me, I dont usually buy that cheese unless I have a coupon, if I had saved that wrapperI could have one by now, but I might as well go and buy a cooler if I buy the cheese...You live and learn, Thanks Michelle.
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