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fruit leather success!

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So I have a case of unsweetened applesauce and wanted to try the fruit leather with kool aid added. The kids didn't like just the applesauce leathers and blending in fruit while easy enough, I just didn't have any to add so I added a little cherry koolaid to the applesauce and they were red and tasted just like store bought fruit roll ups!!
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no recipe, it was just a can of applesauce mixed with a little powder from a koolaid packet until it was red then spread out on the dehydrator. It was terrific and the kids loved it. Well all but one and he doesnt like cherry, wants me to make tropical punch next.
yes it was the unsweetened koolaid and unsweetened applesauce but was still good.
not sure, they probably would but the only ones we use of those are lemonade and I think they would be a little on the sour side,
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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