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Today is looking to be very full for me. Been up since 4am as is routine. Got ready for work, put in some time working, spent some time chatting here, and hav ecnsumed a vat of coffee.

Left to do:
-grocery shop
-pharmacy run
-bills paid/money sorted
-two loads of laundry
-batch up Easter Bread
-finish cookeis for DS#2's 1st Communion (Sunday)
-move buttons on suit coat
-basic house straightening
-find shirt and tie for DS#2

My weekend overflows as well .... but its all a happy busy geared toward celebration!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!!:wave:

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It's pouring rain here- YUCK. But will be a busy inside day for me:
* Treadmill
*Make bed, straighten bed
*Make muffins
*Attend to pet chores
*Vacuum dining room and mop wood floors, then buff
* Clean bathroom
*Mail bill

Have a super day everyone!

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Up here at 5:30am to send DH off to a jobsite in Orlando to fix some problems.
So far:
Made bed
Fed fur bags
Folded and put away landry
Got dressed
cleared email
Fed DD
Put trash down for collection
Gathered items for todays list of errands:

Still to do:
Drop DD at school
Go to bank
Pick up freecycle offereing
Pick up new glasses
Confirm DH meeting spot for tommorrow
Go by cable company and switch out box and controller both not working
Work on magazine pile
Dinner out

Laurie in Bradenton
Weather here is warm already with 65 at 8:30am will go up to 80 and be clear

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Well today is a busy one. Got to get DH off to his weekend fishing trip with his friends. I am off from the full time job but I have a lot of mystery shops/audits to do.

1. Get DD to school
2. Go do 4 mystery shops at the airport
3. Call 4 banks for mystery shops
4. Laundry
5. Call one company about a problem with its product
6. Check on some new mystery shops
7. Dinner - out
8. Craft

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Busy day around here too.
Already I have:
~Gotten everyone up, fed and off to either work or school.
~Loaded and started the dishwasher.
~Washed, dried, folded and put away 2 loads of laundry.
~Made beds.
~Cleaned kitchen counters.
Still to do:
~Sweep kitchen/dining room.
~Unload dishwasher.
~Dust living room and bedrooms.
~Finish packing camping stuff in truck (leaving early tomorrow morning).
~Pack clothes for camping.
~Help DH load a golf cart onto the utility trailer.
~Declutter our bedroom/closet.
~Make dinner, clean up.
~Take the boys to wrestling practice w/ DH.
Try to find some time to relax and read before falling down tired in my chair. :) Have a great Friday all!

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Fridays are as close to a day off as it gets for me. I don't have classes, but I do have to work tonight.

Today is going to be full of meteorology homework, laundry, and cleaning up the house (which is a WRECK, between my schedule and dh being out of commission - hurt his back).

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~Oh boy am I enjoying the sunshine this morning! Don't have anything special planned today. Just all the normal cleaning, washing, playing, sorting and purging.If I get some free time later I'll finish reading Alan Alda's "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed". Maybe take a bubble bath and give myself a pedicure or facial too.~

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GM all, It is 9:13 here and cold out side I think it said it is 10 out side brrrrrrrrrrrr. I cant wait till Spring. The weather said it will get in the 40s this weekend. I hope so. Not sure how much I will be able to do today. I got off task yesterday and cleaned my stove (It was so bad) After that my back hurt so bad I had to stop.

today I have to
make my bed
get dressed
clean bathroom
make a shopping list
count my change jar
unload dishes
sweep & mop kitchen
make hot wings
clean out my frezzer

I think that is all. Now only if I can get all that done with out stopping for my back hurting. I makes me so mad some times.

Every one have a great day:hurray:

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Woke up at 8am to the sound of my friend as the new morning show sidekick on the radio! How cool to hear her voice there.

+ Got my 3 hour psychology of technology class at 10:10
+ Eat the lunch I'm bring with me!
+ Off to the gym for my normal weight/cardio routine
+ Come and probably just relax/clean for a while. No more school work for the week, PLEASE.

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It is kind of chilly around here today and dd4 woke up with a slight cough & fever so we are just going to stay home today. We have some school lessons to finish for the week and I have a bunch of cleaning to do.


~ started load of laundry
~ fixed breakfast
~ typed and posted this payperiod budget
~ feed ds
~ Spot cleaned carpet in den (doggie accident overnight)
~ Cuddled with dd4 & dd2

to do:
~ Clean kitchen
~ Wash dishes
~ Get dinner started (after I figure out what it is going to be)
~ More laundry
~ hang some laundry outside
~ Lessons
~ Clean bathrooms
~ knit

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You guys are putting me to shame!!

I'm just going to do the basics to get by.

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The sun is shining and it looks like we'll have a pretty day. Such a nice change from all that snow!

So far today I have:
Fed the dogs
Unloaded, reloaded, and started the dishwasher

I still need to:
Make the bed
Read for my Income Tax class tomorrow

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Still sick but dragged myself to work. Kids got a ride to school as I didn't want them waiting for the bus in the rain. Work is going okay- boss wanted something done but I can't do it as the company that has our website hasn't made changes I requested back in August. He was ticked but I have the supporting emails where I asked my supervisor to lean on the company or let me interview other hosts/designers.
At home I didn't get much done yesterday- just vac'ing the carpets. Tonight I need to finish laundry (one load left) and make dinner. We didn't have tuna casserole as I was too sick to cook. SO threw hashbrowns and sausage in the oven when he came home. Tonight will probably be soup or corned beef and cabbage.

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Need to get moving, I just want to sit here and drink coffee.

So far I have: made the bed
quick tumble of line load
washing a load
put away dishes from drainer
fed fur babies

Need to: clean cat boxes
put clothes away
thaw out turkey burger for dinner
clean and reload coffee pot
work 11-3

Everyone have a nice friday.

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Busy day here too! Stinks because today is the day DB gets his 30 minutes a week online, and being he's in Iraq, I CANT miss it. So, I get to run around and do all this stuff, while watching the computer lol.


~Mailed DB's package
~Mailed 2 books/1 PS2 game sold on
~Fed/dressed the kids
~Put the kids on the bus
~Watched the last 2 episodes of Prison Break Season 1 (Yes this was necessary ;))
~Cleaned kitty litter box (ick)
~Shower/braided my hair
~Worked on budget

Still to do:

~Work on budget
~Fill/Empty DW
~Shovel driveway and stairs
~Do laundry
~Burn to DVD the Big East championship to send to DB
~Find tires for a chevy truck
~Clean my bedroom
~Organize financial binder
~Clean both bathrooms

I think thats it...probably not tho lol.

Happy Friday Everyone:)

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Today it's sunny and 32 degrees with a windchill of 16 degrees. This weekend they are calling for mid 30's - low 40's. It will be a heat wave for us :). I haven't done too much yet, I made the bed and still need to:
unload/load the dishwasher
feed/water the kitties
have lunch
Lots of cleaning I haven't gotten to yet this week, maybe today :)

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Today so far I had to...

*clean up after my cat who got sick on the livingroom carpet :(
*got a load of laundry started
*folded blankets
*took meds
*had breakfast & coffee
*did morning reading
*took chicken legs out for dinner
*found a cute winnie-the-pooh pillow for grandbaby I want to buy :D
*done daily surveys
*helped dad with his computer accounts
*ordering freebies
*going to look for more things for grandbaby & something special for DD
*bake some muffins tonight

Well, the reality that I am going back to work on the 19th has finally hit me, so I've been shifting into anti-procrastination mode.

Today I have:

*Bought all the stuff we need for daycare for DS - diapers, wipes, spare clothes, bottles, formula, rice cereal - enough to leave at daycare (he's be there 2 days a week) and my MIL's (he'll be there 3 days a week).
*Dropped off a wedding invitation for a friend. There is a local craft shop that will frame it and put dried flowers and stuff in with it that co-ordinate with the invitation - we have given this as a wedding gift for the last 4 weddings we've been to (and had ours done for us) and it is always well-liked. Not cheap, but beautiful.
*Called and made an appointment for my car - I need an oil change (about 1200 miles overdue), I might need a new muffler or something (the car gets "loud" when I step on the gas), and I think that the brakes need to be checked.
*Called and RSVP'd for a baby shower on March 31st (DH's cousin)
*Dropped off mail at the post office
*Deposited unemployment checks for this week and last week
*Got my car washed
*Brought up all the CD's in my car so I can change them out
*Called and requested immunization records for DS for daycare

Left on the list:

*Get ready to go out (hanging out with a bunch of girls I used to work with tonight)
*Make tunafish for DH so he can have tuna sandwiches for dinner.

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Good afternoon to all!
Friday is usually my "off" day. I do the bulk of my houscleaning on Monday and Tuesday. I did wash my wee one's bedding and put it back on his bed and baked a tri tip to make tri tip sandwiches with for dinner. We plan on doing a family walk this evening when dh gets home and then I'll be dashing off for coffee with a dear friend. That is about it.

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It seems like everyone has been busy today!
I put in a full day of work..very stressful..middle of math assessments here.

DH has been VERY busy, so has not been much of a help.
I need to:
put laundry in the dryer that I washed before leaving for work.
load dishwasher
make dinner
clean up downstairs area.

have a good night all!
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