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I'm up early because I have a busy day ahead.:D
Going to school with the kids this morn as they are having their 4th quarter awards ceremony. I know dd is getting at least 2 and would freak if ds got one. :loop: Since this is the last awards ceremony for the year they also give out some special awards & scholorships to seniors. I'm hoping to hear dds name called with some surprise awards of money to help offset the cost of college. That would be a fabulous frugal part of my day.:)

After that I'm signing dd out of school and going to my sis's to help her line her kitchen cabinets& have lunch. Then taking dd to the docs to get her college physical and whatever shots she needs.

Quick stop at the grocery store for stuff I forgot the other day. I lost my list midway through shopping the other day and had to wing it. I hate when that happens. Then it's home to cook & clean.:toothy:

Steak on the grill with who knows what with it.

Hope you all have fun today!:whirly:

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I am up early cuz I drove last night and took dh to work. I have to go get him in a few then we are hanging around in town until my dr appointment at 845.
Just waiting for sunrise and sonrise, dh doesn't want me to drive alone yet so he insisted I bring the oldest with me to town!
Have fun with the kids Darlene!

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Darlene, you must be so proud of your dd! :) I hope your ds also gets an award too! I hope she gets a Special Award or scholarship, too! Good luck, Nicole!

Good luck at your dr. apointement, Melissa! :)

I'm waiting for the phone call to know if Daniel needs antibiotics. He is feeling much better this morning, but still not well enough for school.

I'm doing regular things, here, laundry, dishes, stuff, you know? ;) lol

Have all a beautiful day!:sun:

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well have to work 8-5 today as usual, then have lots of do ---

go to the grocery store
laundry (everyday affair)
supper, dishes
sort coupons

probably more, just can't remember all of it right now.

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Good morning all, its a pretty day here!!
Got a bank shop this morning, then I have to pay the storage for the RV. Then to the store thats tripling coupons :)
Gotta dinner shop with hubby, this is gonna be a fun one.
We have Jacob all weekend, cant wait!!!!
Darlene big congrats on all the awards.
Melissa have fun in town.
Simplemom hope Daniel is feeling much bette today.
Vickie, have fun this weekend, you deserve it!!!

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Hello All! Not much going on around here today. I have to drop off some film at Wal-Mart and try not to spend too much money while I'm there. I'll probably load the dishwasher too. That is all I can think of right now. Have a great day!

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Quiet day here- dd and dh left to pick strawberries at my sisters (my poor dd has to pick berries on her day off too- she works at the berry patch 3 days a week, ds works there full time).

I have to take my parents for doctor appointments this afternoon, and run by Aldi's.

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What a day!

Tonight is my niece's graduation ceremony. We will be going to it.
Yesterday was the last day of school for us. We have a work day, but my room is all packed and now I sit here waiting for 11:30 to come on so I can go get things done before tonight.

I am so glad summer is officially starting for us!! YEAH! I have 3 work days in June...10, 11, and 12 and then none until August.

I hope you all have a FUN FRIDAY!

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I'm so upset because my gyn. appt. was CANCELLED! :eek: I thought patients were the ones supposed to cancel appts! Grr i really needed that appt. to keep refilling my b/c prescription, not to mention I'm at least a year over due for one!
Other than that it's a good productive day.

Downside is it's very cloudy and drizzling, i was hoping to tan today and this weekend :(

So far I have already:
Put in two loads of laundry
Handwashed a bunch of pink shirts
Handwashing some delicate lingerie (soaking as we speak)
Washed two loads of dishes
Cleaned the George foreman
swept kitchen floor
Put away clean clothes from yesterday

I have ayla eating watermellon and chocoloate pudding right now :D

I still need to:
Do my Pilate's tapes
Take Ayla on a walk
Get my shower and do my makeup/hair
Do LOT'S of cooking/baking
Run to the market for a few things
Delete all my spam mail
Finish deep cleaning the bathroom(I need to focus on the medicine cabinet next)
Rearrange my pantry to fit my refried beans I'm stockpiling

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Today is another nice day, I got my backdoor opened to let in some fresh air. I love having the doors opened :D
Today I have to
order my clothes online
shop at Walgreens online
called the bank
clean kitchen
do dishes
change bed
file tons of coupons
get the mail
water plants
start cleaning for my inspection in a few weeks
hang towel rack in bathroom
fixed glasses
got grocery list & coupons ready for sundays shopping trip
fold basket of towels
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