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Hey everyone,
I was hoping to get some creative ideas from moms and dads. I am a stay at home artist and mom and I've got a website off the ground that offers free printable masks (mostly for crafting with kids, but there's some adult masks on the site too, for the parents and for Halloween.) I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for more masks that I could make that kids would enjoy or that would be helpful for putting on holiday plays or something? I was also thinking of making up a bunch of printable color sheets for the site.
Are there any kind of coloring sheets that are hard to find? Or does anybody have any ideas they'd like to lend?
You can take a look at what I have at I've got lots of ideas but I think I have too many sometimes and my brain is getting fried :ache: So a fresh perspective would be great. And any ideas would be super appreciated.
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