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FV Readers -- what's best?

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We have lots of readers here at FV. So how about some feedback before holiday vacations and book present buying time?

What are the two or three best books you have read this year?

It's hard to choose, but I think the two best I've read are both by Connie Willis:

Doomsday Book: a double plot, serious, but with a lot of humor in it too. It is so haunting I just finished going through it a second time, and it was even richer the second time around. The characters are wonderful and will stay with you.

Not to Mention the Dog: it's built on the same premise as Doomday Book, and has a few of the same characters, and is hilarious. This one is pure fun. It's going to get a second reading too. It starts a bit slowly, but get through the first chapter and it just gets better and better.
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"On a Dollar a Day" -Christopher Greenslate and Kerri Leonard

Anything by Larry Winget- financial/motivational writer
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