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Gardeners Hours?

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Hi ya'll! Through my husband's ad in the paper for rototilling, I am now the gardener at and assisted living facility for the mentally handicapped. My question is, what kind of hours do they work? Is it perfectly acceptable for me to leave by 2:30 if I start around 8 am? They are technically "hiring" me, but only for tax purposes since I will be making so much money that it's easier to do the 10-40 tax form than the one where they don't withhold the taxes. :coffee3:
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Yes, that's a long day of gardening. Of course, which hours and how many is part of any work agreement. You work what you promised to work -- I don't know that anyone here can change that.

You sound confused about taxes. If you're an employee, taxes are deducted from your pay; if you're self-employed they aren't. Self-employed means you have to add a "Schedule C" (Profit or Loss from Business) to your 1040 and pay the self-employment tax at that time. But no matter what, you submit a 1040 tax form each April. Note that there is some small amount of income you can make on your own before it must be reported -- I think the amount is around $2,500 per year and it varies from state to state.
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