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I think the first 10 years of my marriage we accumulated things, the next 10 years I spent organizing them and the next 10 years was trying to declutter. I am now trying to simplify my house, life and minimalize my belongs. I have been working on this for 2 years. It started with getting rid of a big entertainment center in my living room and continued from there. I will only buy small furniture now, things that DH and I can move easily as we get older. I hate having to ask for help or rely on other people.

We also are planning on downsizing when we move one day so I keep making rounds of my house and getting rid of things that I know I won't be moving with us. I do not touch DH's stuff though so there is a lot that he needs to work on although he is not motivated to do it. I keep warning him that he will be packing and moving all his crap himself! We live in a house that is 400 square feet bigger than our last house and I have at least 1/3 less things. DH has 2/3 MORE crap.
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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