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We have a small house which was made smaller the past 25 years by all of the things we acquired. A "must" kitchen renovation the year before last revealed how much you really do not use. When we started to put things back into the kitchen I looked at everything and each piece was either a must have and went into the kitchen,I know I will use at something in the next year and went on the shelf in the summer kitchen and finally-why do I even have this?This went to the thrift shop.
This worked so well that I started clearing other parts of the house with the same mindset
I have been amazed at how much larger the house feels since the clutter is gone.
A walk around the outside before the severe cold set in showed that the same method could be applied to the yard and garage. Im not sure if hubby will be on board with this plan since that is his territory. I hope he can see how nice it is not to be owned by the things you own.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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