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I think I have posted this before, but when DH became sick we sold the house and got rid of almost everything. We were doing the snowbird thing and staying in a furnished condo in the winter and found a furnished condo to rent in VT for the summer. All we had was what could fit in the van and some fabric that was stored at my sister's. I always thought it would bother me but it didn't, not one bit. All I wanted was for my DH to be well. (spoiler alert - he passed away) Things did not matter.

I had been a great one for "I might need this someday." My eyes were opened when a friend, older than me, was cleaning out her mom's house after she died, and told me, she had a room just full of jars. After that, when I wanted to save something, I would ask myself, is someone going to look at this after I am gone and ask, what was she thinking?

Also helps to ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen if I got rid of it.? In most cases it's not a very dire consequence.

Also helps to think of someone else enjoying your item. Why keep 12 purses if you can donate some and let other people enjoy them?

Now after 3 years of living in furnished places I am settled down and furnishing my own place. Almost done. For the first few months it was nerve wracking, like I kept thinking, what am I going to do with all this stuff when I go south? But I have gradually gotten used to the idea of stuff again, but I am very choosy about what comes into the house. I have a huge living room and it could easily become a hoarder's paradise. I realize I do NOT need to save everything in the universe that someone is throwing out, that might be useful someday. And I don't need to acquire something because it's pretty. Let it be pretty in someone else's house.

BTW, I am that rare person who DOES want the china - I am using my mom's set that has sat in my sister's barn since 1992 when my dad passed. And I have collected silver to go with it. I really enjoy using it and even my sister liked using it again when she came to visit.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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