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Getting Rid of Stuff You Don't Use

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Does anyone else (as they get older) want to start paring down? I know this has hit me in the last year. I want to get rid of things I haven't used in years. I have closets that I don't even know for sure whats in them. This tell me I certainly don't need what's in them. My New Years Resolution is to pare down!
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Niko, I have lots of food storage containers, too. I also sometimes have most of them in use at the same time. Mine is Corningware and Tupperware, mostly, and a bunch of vintage canning jars. I also use about 40 of those cheap plastic containers when I make dog food, so can't get rid of those. Storing them is kind of a pain but I have no idea how I would store dog food and single servings of freezer meals if I didn't keep them.
I'm going to have to go thru them again soon and toss some. Maybe before I go back to work Tuesday. Also need to find a couple tee shirts I "can live without". SOMETHING is leaving this weekend.
Example... I'm a huge tee shirt person... the kind with writings or sayings on them. I have a ton that are now to small and I"m not stupid enough to think I'm going to ever fit back in them but I can't bring myself to donate/pitch.
I cut the logos or sayings out and am compiling them into a blanket. Once I have enough, I can sew them together, but have someone else do the quilting.
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I have couple bags some clothes shoes other things got tired dusting that got to go soon a friend took the tv was going get rid of a book shelf but about decided keep it and use it to store other things in unless someone come by and say they can use it so now it will be small things that go.
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I go through the closets and the basement at the end of each year... around Christmas time, courtesy of rounding-up Christmas ornaments, decorations, and things for the season, and all get's dropped-off at the local thrift store.

Always a make me feel good occasion, knowing I am helping others who are less fortunate.
I work on this but the real issue is that the rest of the family does not! And I can't touch their stuff. I've downsized a lot and now have to take a mini fridge and exercise bike to get recycled. I may put an ad in Craigslist to see if someone wants to pick them up and get the $ for that. I sold my truck and can't take it. I called 1-800-gotjunk and they wanted $60 just to take the bike!! Whaa?!

I have gotten rid of a lot of books/clothes/misc but would love to ditch a lot more. I donate it all to the Vets or disabled who can resell it. Relatives send us things all the time and they've sent these items to us, like every 6 months. How many flashlights and wristlets do I need? So, they get donated.

I have lovely clothing that I don't wear anymore as I wear a uniform to work. I don't go out or have any need for fancy things. I'll keep some of it, but which? That's the tough part. The oldest has put all of his apartment stuff in the basement and keeps empty boxes. A big area is devoted to his things. I have many storage containers of toys/videos from the kids. I have a big tote of photos from when they were little. I'm thinking of ditching 98% of those. I have totes full of mom and dads stuff and the list goes on.... The sentimental part of me keeps it but the minimalist is battling for less stuff!
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I like the idea of making a blanket or quilt out of the tshirts. That way you can enjoy looking at them but not have them in drawers or closets.
I don't believe in keeping things I don't use. Last month I gave away a new instant pot along with all the accessories. Since I don't have children, I've always been a minimalist. When I stopped working it was easy to donate all my work clothes. There are so many people in need that it just felt right to donate the things I don't need.

I'm not very sentimental about things. I care about memories and people.
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