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Girls vs.Boys

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Do you think that they are totaly different as kids or similar.Mine seem to be predictable.Lauren was an active baby,but quieter as a toddler and more vocal than Bubba also is very very very very very prissy(she's my diva)Bubba was so quiet as a baby that you sometimes didn't even know he was there actually all the way up till last christmas when he was 20 mo old.Then he decided to break out of his shell and is now running our house.
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My girls and boys were as different as night and day. The girls read, colored and were quiet. My boys on the other hand were loud, rowdy and (still) obnoxious!!! I love them all equally tho!!!
After grandkids..;.the boy is sweet and quiet, my granddaughters...well lets just say that they runs things over there!
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