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Give Me Names...

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...brand names of whole wheat/whole grain bread that you enjoy.

I am often confused when reading the labels as to what is considered healthy when it comes to bread.

So name names please :D
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Michelle, Have you checked out RUDI'S organics yet? They used to only carry it in your health food stores, but now some of your larger retailers are carrying it. They make great whole wheat/grain breads and buns as well. It has no HFCS and only wholesome ingredients and it's all yummy:)
Thank you Lynn. I haven't tried their products. I just went to their website, and apparently my grocery store carries Rudi's. I had no idea. Now I just need to find it :think: My grocery store puts things in odd places sometimes :laugh:

Do you like any particular variety/flavor bread better than others? I need to ease myself (and particularly) my family into this change :lol3:
The Rudi's Oat bread is really good and so is the whole wheat. The spelt is excellent too. DD's favorite is the Oat though .
I am going to look for these--especially the oat variety--next time I'm at the store. :)
I eat Arnold's All Natural Health Nut Bread. I don't know that it's particularly healthful but it is DELICIOUS! Especially with turkey, LOL! It's $2.79 for a loaf, though.
We've fallen in love with the new Mrs. Bairds Honey Whole Grain white bread. It's delicious and healthy without being too overbearing in the nutty, grainy area lol. It's really good with a chicken or turkey sandwich. Hubby's not that fond of the breads that have the grains on top of it and I don't care for a bread that has too much of a grainy flavor. So this is a great compromise. We also just use plain Mrs. Bairds whole grain wheat alot.
How about the Ezekial 4:9 breads? I love them all! The sprouted bread is my favourite. But beware-it's pricey.....yummy, but pricey!
I like Sara Lee whole grain, my kids even like it.
How about the Ezekial 4:9 breads? I love them all! The sprouted bread is my favourite. But beware-it's pricey.....yummy, but pricey!
I have never heard of that brand....of course, I live in podunk so that could be the reason. Will have to look for it next time I am shopping.
I look for anything that is 100% whole wheat and has no HFCS. We LOVE Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat DeLightful. My kids love the Sara Lee Whole Wheat Soft N Smooth, but I can't remember if that on has HFCS or not....

We also like Oroweat Whole Wheat Lite ~ but its a really small loaf and little more "nutty".

Right now we've been eating Costco's Kirkland Brand Whole Wheat. Its not 100% whole wheat, but its got lots of fiber and no HFCS.....the pieces (and the loaf) are HUGE and they its really soft and smooth, too. I thinks its like $3.50 or something for two enormous loaves.
Hands down to Sara Lee. I seriously didn't want to pay the price and tried many other brands....This brand is so good. It's worth it and I try to buy it on sale. Only whole grain/whole wheat in this house.

I did do the Ezekial bread for a short time. Over rated and not paying almost 5 bucks for a loaf that dries out so fast and you have to keep it in the fridge.
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