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Give Me Names...

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...brand names of whole wheat/whole grain bread that you enjoy.

I am often confused when reading the labels as to what is considered healthy when it comes to bread.

So name names please :D
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I look for anything that is 100% whole wheat and has no HFCS. We LOVE Sara Lee 100% Whole Wheat DeLightful. My kids love the Sara Lee Whole Wheat Soft N Smooth, but I can't remember if that on has HFCS or not....

We also like Oroweat Whole Wheat Lite ~ but its a really small loaf and little more "nutty".

Right now we've been eating Costco's Kirkland Brand Whole Wheat. Its not 100% whole wheat, but its got lots of fiber and no HFCS.....the pieces (and the loaf) are HUGE and they its really soft and smooth, too. I thinks its like $3.50 or something for two enormous loaves.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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