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Going to the dr. today for my son...

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I don't know if some of you remember how we have problems with our 3rd son in school and at home? Well, I wanted to let you know that we are going to a pediatrician specialist in behavioural problems for my son, Daniel. We have waited 4 months for this appointement.

Yesterday, I met the school psychologist and with the tests she gave him, she concluded that his verbal intellect is inferior to the average children. What this means is that he does not always *hear* what the teachers say or what we say, unless it is very it is explained visually or with objects. Verbal instructions for him are abstract. It doesn't get through. That's why he has so much trouble in school.

He also behavioural problems...he is very rebel. Now the dr will see with the 3 tests and meeting him and his history what *exactly* he has. They told me that maybe he will be taking Ritalin. I have never been happy about meds, but it could save him from going to the special school for behavioural problems.

Well, all I can say is that I am very scared of the futur. but the pyschologist said we are just in time to help him be better. He is 10 yrs. old. It's not too late, she said. I hope. I 'm worried.

I'll tell you how it went.

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Thinking of you too Lucie. One thing I found, is once we had a diagnosis, it was so much easier has a family and also in getting the help our kids needed.

Please keep us posted as to how things went.
Lucie, know that we are here for you. Big :hugz: coming your way. If you ever need to vent or talk, pm me any time. cj

btw - did you find a place for your Aunt yet?
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