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Good Morning

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Thought I would say hello to everyone ---i am at work as usual, it is gloomy and very wet here today!!!!
I feel gloomy and sad as usual, i'm really trying to feel better though, thanks to all of you at the village!! (your love, caring and support have helped some)

My dh still makes me so mad :stupid: :lol: that I could scream !!!
Some days things are almost perfect and he is super nice and then other days are totally different and i wonder why i am here. I get so tired of hearing from people that we owe (and most of it is because of getting behind due to his choices over the past year), it just isn't fair...
DD called this weekend wanting money, and tough love or not I told her NO (of course i didn't have any anyways!!) I also told her that, but then i said didn't you get paid thursday, she said ok, mama BYE!!!!
So some days i feel as though my life is in the :toilet: and then some days I feel like screaming :smhelp: at the top of my lungs and then some days I just say to heck with all of it and feel like telling everyone to :kissbutt: :lol:

well i have vented and bent your ears enough today
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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