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This is from another forum that I frequent everyday...This guy lives in Greece and here is what he had to say today.

thank for the wellcomes !!
Some information on the situation here !!!
1) as you all know we are one of the most corrupted countries in EU . All the money we had are mostly gone - The stores and buissnesses are closing rapidly - there are people that have nothing (for the first times in my life i see every day peolple looking for things in the garbage . The politicians are so corrupted that they took all the countries money and there is no way for older pepole to have pensions - Even in this very difficult moments their salaries are from 5-8000 a month (euros) the taxes are outrageous - people dont have to pay - the put housing taxes in electrical bills ( its anti-contitutional)
i dont now what will happen but even now nobody i know prepares - they dont even get food supplies , and nobody is fighting back !!! normaly everone should be on the streets on a general ethnical strike !!! i dont get it i think people havent realised yet whats coming !!! and i fear its not only Greece but ( uk , italy , spain . portugal , ) maybe this will evolve to a war - we also have huge problem with unwanted and illegal muslem immigrants - we cant have guns to protect our selves but at least we have many mountains and distant villages to go , and try to have some chickens , a fruit and vegetable garden e.t.c and a hunting rifle !!!

How very sad!
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