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Grocery Challenge - June

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Okay, this is it...$130, bottom line, no more, maybe less, but I CANNOT go over this month. I did great with $140...I don't know why $10 less is giving me such trouble! Yet, I'm gonna do it!
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ill be doing the challege this month..ill set my limit to 150.00 and i will stick to it,,i need ground beef and chicken breast and um all set..i really need to use up my stock pile..
amyboz, try finding a green grocer (sp)to buy your veggies and fruit. i have one near me and i get 1 doz x-large eggs for .99 and banannas for .39cents..
i did really good to day, it pays not to feel well(virus)
i got
1 box klnx tissue .49
6 cans tomato sauce(large)
2 grham sticks
1 swanson dinner
1 lg container oatmeal
6 pks(4 in each) batteries(.69 ea)panasonic
total after coupons ===$10.38
before coupons ===$33.74

and i didnt get anything extra but forgot to get apple sause
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i went to the store to buy lunch items and decided to do my weekly shopping so far

i should be set except for milk and bread for 2 wks or so..i gonna ttry to use what i have in the house already
1 - 4 of 59 Posts
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