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Grocery Challenge - June

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Okay, this is it...$130, bottom line, no more, maybe less, but I CANNOT go over this month. I did great with $140...I don't know why $10 less is giving me such trouble! Yet, I'm gonna do it!
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I'm starting the challenge this month. I think I'll budget $250 for my family of 4. Hopefully this is enough and next month I'll be able to drop it even more!
I went shopping yesterday, and spent about $120 of my $250. But included in that was 2 very large cans of baby formula ($60) that weren't figured into my food budget. Best deal of the day - 40 lbs. of chicken leg quarters for $.29/lb.!!

Big bummer...I just called around to the area grocery stores that I would drive to, and NONE of them double coupons. I'm feeling a little discouraged!:(
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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