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Grocery Challenge - June

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Okay, this is it...$130, bottom line, no more, maybe less, but I CANNOT go over this month. I did great with $140...I don't know why $10 less is giving me such trouble! Yet, I'm gonna do it!
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I'm going to bump my budget to $250 for the month. DH and I had a talk about how the teenagers have become bottomless pits and beed to be fed more often. LOL! I'm hoping that the extra $50 in the budget will cover it.
The garden should be producing salad greens by the end of the month, so that will cut an expense right there. We may even have the first of the cherries coming in by the end of June and the strawberries as well. I need to find a good deal on
sugar to make jam and whole wheat flour to make bread. I still have 2 huge bags of yeast from Costco that should get me through the summer.:D
I think you did really well with all the great deals you got!!!:smball:
My first of many shopping trips

Hi Ladies,
I had to do some shopping for an end for the year BBQ we are having for our homeschool group this Friday. I spent $14 for the supplies for that and a few things for us at home.

Goal: $250
Spent: $14
Left: $236
:) Ok, I hit the store again today. There was a big cereal sale and I couldn't resist. If I had more money (payday is tomorrow and it's a 1 day only sale) I'd have bought a couple of cases of cereal.

I bought 9 boxes of assorted cereals, 1 Box of Maypo oatmeal, 1 bottled water and 2 huge ripe cataloupes for $16. Not bad!

Goal: $250
Left to spend: $220
I'm simply in awe of your savings!!! Wow!!!! Do your stores double and triple coupon?
Wow! We have no double or triple coupon stores here, but there is one store in Kalispel, MT that doubles up to 4 coupons and I'll be there at the end of the month on vacation. I just know my mom is going to roll her eyes at me when I tell her I'm going double coupon shopping!!!:toothy:
Did a bit of shopping this Saturday.:)

I got:
3 gallons of milk from the farm $4.50 total
2 half gallons of ice cream $4 total
1 2 lb bags of baby carrots $1.69
Total spent: $10.19 (Rounded up to $11 for budget)

Goal: $250
Left to Spend:$209
This morning my kids informed me that we needed dog food TODAY!!! Oh, yes, and they were out of toilet paper in their bathroom. I gave them a 4 pack of the stash from my bathroom and paniced when I realized we were down to 10 rolls!:eek: So, we headed into town to do some shopping and run errands. We had a $1 off winetag for fish, 4 FREE up to $4 Jimmy Dean Coupons, a .55 off lettuce coupon, $2 off Act 2 popcorn, $1 Taco Bell taco shells, a buy 2 get 1 free Langer's juice and 2 .50 off Vlassic pickle coupons. Luckily I had all 3 boys with me so we were able to use all the Jimmy Dean Sausage coupons (one per person) and bought the huge sausage rolls and just paid the "extra" over the coupon value.

This is what we got:
2 Vlassic Pickle Relish
1 8 pack Act 2 popcorn
1 big box of Tissues
18 ct. Taco shells
2 packages of hot dog buns
1 huge sandwich from the deli (we had them cut it into 4 slices and ate it in the car for lunch) $3.98
3 huge jugs of Langer's juices
1 package of Cheetos
12 bagels
1 large container of sour cream
2.25 pound of grapes
1 40 pound bag of dog food
1 big family pack of smoked sausage
2 lb bag of necterines
1 pound of imitation crab
1 cream cheese
4 pounds of oranges
2 pound of celery
24 pack of MD toilet paper

saved in coupons: $23.53

Goal: $250
Spent: $93 (rounding up)
Left: $157
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Just a reminder for all you wonderful Ladies!!!! I've noticed that canned vegis go on sale about this time of year to clear out the warehouses for the incoming crops. Make sure to earmark some of yoru stock up $ for that. Last year I was able to get canned vegis for .20 a can. I've noticed the prices are starting to drop down again, so I'm looking for this sale soon.:smball:
Hi All,
Yesterday the kids and I did a little shopping while DH went to the junkyard to find parts for our van. We hit the Dollar store, Walmart and Tidymans. Between all the stores we got:
8 pound bag of cat food
3- 2 lb bags of pasta
2 -2 liter bottles of pop
4 bottles of ketchup
11 pounds of bananas
1 bag of cotton balls
1 -300 count package of q-tips
1-20 count garbage bags
1-15 count zip lock bags
1 bottle dishwashing liquid
total:$13 rounding up

Goal: $250
Spent: $106 (rounding up)
Left: $144
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I stopped by the farm to get 3 gallons of milk a few days ago. The owner told me that they were going to let the cow go dry, so I'm losing my milk supplier!!!:cry: I'm going to have to resort to buying milk and butter from the store. Darn, I just threw away all those butter coupons too.:( BTW, I spent $4.50 on the milk

Goal: $250
Left to Spend: $139.50
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