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Grocery Challenge - June

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Okay, this is it...$130, bottom line, no more, maybe less, but I CANNOT go over this month. I did great with $140...I don't know why $10 less is giving me such trouble! Yet, I'm gonna do it!
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I started off pretty good today only spent $51 and that included the $5 tip for the bagger. ( military commissary baggers work for tips ONLY) Got the essentials I needed (bread, milk, eggs,diapers, etc) and a treat- ice cream! :) Not a bad way to start out.
Went to the store today to get a few items. This makes the first trip I have made this month, only 3 days in, though. My total so far is $6.14.

Goal: $250
Spent so far: $6.14
Left: $243.86
I spent 25.06 tonight
2) 24 packs of coca cola
1) 8oz cup Vanilla Yogurt
2) Pace Enchilada Sauce (free)
4) Bush's Refried canned beans (free)
36 large Eggs
1.6 lbs Gala Apples
1.72 lbs Organic Navel Oranges
1) 12 pack Charmin Ultra
2) Pampers Wipes 72 ct. each
2) Dole Peaches 7oz. each (Free)
1) Van De Kamp Butter top WHite bread
1.21 lbs Red Seedless Grapes
.18 lbs Bean Sprouts
2) Ortega Taco Sauce (free)
1) 10 pack Mission Soft Taco tortilla's

Spent about 25$ there, bringing my total spent so far to 52.48
Out of my goal of 220.
At least we are stocked on cokes for a while, that is my main thing I have to have at all times.
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I went shopping yesterday, and spent about $120 of my $250. But included in that was 2 very large cans of baby formula ($60) that weren't figured into my food budget. Best deal of the day - 40 lbs. of chicken leg quarters for $.29/lb.!!

Big bummer...I just called around to the area grocery stores that I would drive to, and NONE of them double coupons. I'm feeling a little discouraged!:(
My first of many shopping trips

Hi Ladies,
I had to do some shopping for an end for the year BBQ we are having for our homeschool group this Friday. I spent $14 for the supplies for that and a few things for us at home.

Goal: $250
Spent: $14
Left: $236
:) Ok, I hit the store again today. There was a big cereal sale and I couldn't resist. If I had more money (payday is tomorrow and it's a 1 day only sale) I'd have bought a couple of cases of cereal.

I bought 9 boxes of assorted cereals, 1 Box of Maypo oatmeal, 1 bottled water and 2 huge ripe cataloupes for $16. Not bad!

Goal: $250
Left to spend: $220
1 Gallons Milk
1 5pk Schick Razors
1 7oz Gillette Satin Care
1 3oz Speed Stick 24/7
2 6.2oz Crest Toothpaste
2 Kleenex Viva paper towels
1 8oz Hawian Tropics Kids Sun Block

Total before Coupons and sales $29.41
Total after Coupons, Sales, and Rebates $2.07

Total Savings of 92.96%
I'm simply in awe of your savings!!! Wow!!!! Do your stores double and triple coupon?
Actually...hehe...I got all of that at Eckerds...they are doing double coupons until the 7th...doubling everything to 2.00...
.50 gets doubled to 1
1 doubles to 2
1.50 goes to 2

but what really helped this trip out is that most of it is free after rebate.
Wow! We have no double or triple coupon stores here, but there is one store in Kalispel, MT that doubles up to 4 coupons and I'll be there at the end of the month on vacation. I just know my mom is going to roll her eyes at me when I tell her I'm going double coupon shopping!!!:toothy:
i went to the store to buy lunch items and decided to do my weekly shopping so far

i should be set except for milk and bread for 2 wks or so..i gonna ttry to use what i have in the house already
I'm back again for the challenge. I am keeping my goal at $225.00. I did well last month, was hoping to have a little more to spend this month, but things are not looking well.
I'm setting my goal at's higher than what I actually spent last month. I came in under last month at 180.00....wooo hoooo!

Why am I setting it this high, you ask??? I've decided to go from bi-monthly shopping to OAM shopping.

I'm going to buy only the bare essentials -- bread milk...etc and use up my stock pile. If I do this right, I'll have plenty of cash on hand for REALLLLLLY good sales!

spent--6.38 for DH's Pepsi

Wish me luck!!
You can read about the actual (awful) shopping trip itself in the town crier section, but yesterday I went to ShopRite and with DH bought:
8 bottles Daily Defense shampoo & conditioner in 1 (FREE)
4 boxes of Curad bandages (.19 each)
3 Swanson frozen dinners (.49 each)

Total before coupons and sales: $12.75
Total after: $3.01

Goal for June: $130.00
Current Total: $77.44
I did the weekly shop today. I got:
4 Huggies Pull-Ups: Free
2 gallons 1% milk: $1.89/gallon
2 pounds baby carrots: .77/lb
93% lean hamburger patties: $5.54
3 pouches Betty Crocker Cookie Mix: $1.33 each (Not sure what happened there...I thought they were .99 each...gotta check the flyer again.)
3 ShopRite Shells & Cheddar: .33/box
5 cans ShopRite vegetables: .44/can
48 oz. Juicy Juice: .29/bottle
2 lbs Granny Smith apples: $2.97 (no sale, no coupon)

Total Before Coupons: $33.08
Total After Coupons: $16.17

Goal for June: $130.00
Current Total: $93.61
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Debbie we had a great cereal sale too, only i was late and only able to get two boxes, BUT i got a raincheck :) And I'll get 1$ off a 10$ purchase when I use it too! Which is cool cuz it's a store brand so they don't usually have coupons :)

Ok, so I stocked up for the week between lastnight and this morning. I spent 35.60and saved 88.40
We got:
24 cans of coca cola
2 gallons of milk
2 loaves of bread
2 6packs of english muffins
2 bags of pretzls
1 dutch crunch french bread
2 boxes of quaker toastables
2 boxes of corn pops
2 boxes of bran flakes
1lb Challenge Light butter
1 iceburg lettuce
2 lbs baby carrots
3 32oz cartons vanilla yogurt
4 boxes Eggo Waffles
handful of bean sprouts
4 ears of corn
1 bottle chocolate milk
2 bottles propel water
2 boxes all natural popcisles
2 boxes quaker toastables
4 cans chile's
2 cans refried beans
1 carton cottage cheese
1 packet bisquick mix
2 cups fruit salad
2 bags rootbeer flavored hard candy
2 jars all natural peanut butter
2 8oz blocks of cheese (cheddar and monteray jack)

brings it up to 88.08 now spent out of my 220$ goal for june
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Went shopping today...heres what I got......

10 Ragu Sp. Sauce
10 Hamburger Helper
2 64 oz Sunny Delite
1 Langers 64 oz Apple Juice
1 10pack Capri Sun
2 3lb Tubs Country Crock
5 8oz Lawrys Season Salt
4 8oz McCormick Seasonings
10 boxes Zesta Crackers
1 Corn Flakes
1 box Rasins
2 32oz Welch's Grape Jelly
2 28oz Bushs Baked Beans
2 Zpiloc containers
2 boxes Nutri Grain Bars
4 cans Sliced Carrots
8.9lbs pork loin chops
4.5lbs Chicken Wings

Sub Total $174.39
after sales/coupons $96.68
Total Saved $77.71
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Did a bit of shopping this Saturday.:)

I got:
3 gallons of milk from the farm $4.50 total
2 half gallons of ice cream $4 total
1 2 lb bags of baby carrots $1.69
Total spent: $10.19 (Rounded up to $11 for budget)

Goal: $250
Left to Spend:$209
Goal: $250
Spent: $69.50
Left with: 180.50
Mine is going way down cause we just bought 2(yes 2)new vehicles(not new2001 but new to us)And are wanting to pay all our bills at one time including groceries(envelope method)so this month is down to $100 and so is nexts cause well I have just too much stuff and dh is working on making the basement into a stockpile pantry woohooo!!!!!!This week I plan on spending around $30 but $20 after rebates!
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