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Grocery Challenge - June

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Okay, this is it...$130, bottom line, no more, maybe less, but I CANNOT go over this month. I did great with $140...I don't know why $10 less is giving me such trouble! Yet, I'm gonna do it!
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I just picked up some things we needed, bleach, cokes, detergent, deodorant, cereal, fruit and canned goods...

Spent 16$ and some change, bringing my total so far to 104.33
goal 220$

I also got a free blockbuster rental with my coke purchase today!! :)
This morning my kids informed me that we needed dog food TODAY!!! Oh, yes, and they were out of toilet paper in their bathroom. I gave them a 4 pack of the stash from my bathroom and paniced when I realized we were down to 10 rolls!:eek: So, we headed into town to do some shopping and run errands. We had a $1 off winetag for fish, 4 FREE up to $4 Jimmy Dean Coupons, a .55 off lettuce coupon, $2 off Act 2 popcorn, $1 Taco Bell taco shells, a buy 2 get 1 free Langer's juice and 2 .50 off Vlassic pickle coupons. Luckily I had all 3 boys with me so we were able to use all the Jimmy Dean Sausage coupons (one per person) and bought the huge sausage rolls and just paid the "extra" over the coupon value.

This is what we got:
2 Vlassic Pickle Relish
1 8 pack Act 2 popcorn
1 big box of Tissues
18 ct. Taco shells
2 packages of hot dog buns
1 huge sandwich from the deli (we had them cut it into 4 slices and ate it in the car for lunch) $3.98
3 huge jugs of Langer's juices
1 package of Cheetos
12 bagels
1 large container of sour cream
2.25 pound of grapes
1 40 pound bag of dog food
1 big family pack of smoked sausage
2 lb bag of necterines
1 pound of imitation crab
1 cream cheese
4 pounds of oranges
2 pound of celery
24 pack of MD toilet paper

saved in coupons: $23.53

Goal: $250
Spent: $93 (rounding up)
Left: $157
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I'm panicking with my T.P. situation too Debbie :eek: I got these single rolls of charmin and I think they have MUCH less than half of what those double rolls have! They don't last more than half a day, sadly.

I went in today to pick up some cereal I had a raincheck for, I was hoping to get at least 10 boxes, but I got 7 and left one box on the shelf.

All in all I got;
7 boxes of Bran FLake cereal (store brand) about 17oz. size
4 boxes quaker toastables (like a poptart)
1 cantalope
1 mango

For a total of 8.26
I saved 5$ in coupons and this store doesn't even double so I'm a happy camper. Lately they have had better sale prices than Ralphs so i'm still better off without the doubling for some things.

Brings my total up to 112.59 now, oh plus 4$ I just spent on ordering 30 bean coupons(should get them all for free with the value I got) brings my total to 116.59 out of 220.

Now i need to focus on getting foods that my dh will eat!!
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Wow everyone is doing great and those coupons totally amaze me ladies.

Today was the first day I had to shop since the first of June.

Spent $100.82

Goal $350.00, left to spend $249.18.

Because I was given a huge amount of free deer meat, and I had purchased 2 cases of chicken and 2 large pkgs. of pork chops, I've decided seeing has I don't have to purchase meat, I'm going to do some major stockpiling.

I also want to have some money left over at the end of the month to put into my snowball account.
Just a reminder for all you wonderful Ladies!!!! I've noticed that canned vegis go on sale about this time of year to clear out the warehouses for the incoming crops. Make sure to earmark some of yoru stock up $ for that. Last year I was able to get canned vegis for .20 a can. I've noticed the prices are starting to drop down again, so I'm looking for this sale soon.:smball:
Since I already posted about my shopping I will just update my totals. As near as I can figure, stuff that I bought for us new total is $103.34. My goal is $150. I've saved $82.27 in coupons so far (for those items), and have spent $4.74 to get coupons.
I am at about $165.00 so far. I had to go to the local store last night (at least we can walk to it!). I got:

Cheetos Twists 1.50
2- 1/2 gals of milk (cheaper than a whole gallon!)
1 doz eggs
8 single string cheeses
1/2 gal ice cream
4 candy bars
2 jars La victoria salsa
1 bottle Del Monte ketchup
4 Dannon yogurts
2 lb bag salad
2 lbs Parkay

Total before coupons--30.36
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I've been doing a lot of small trips here and there lately:

Spent 56.10, and saved at least 63$.

I'm now really stocked up on:
sunscreen, eggs, yogurt, sliced cheese, papertowels, trashbags, toilet paper,tilex, tic tacs, gum, mango's, cantalope, salad fixins, corn pops, tator tots,lunch fixins, rootbeer, other snacks, toastables

and i got some other little things like refried beans and green chile's. but I still need to keep buying more of those until i use up my coupons :D

So I'm up to 172.69 now
Goal is 220
Goal: $250
Spent so far: $123.09
Left with: $126.91
Did some shopping on Sat. Spent $78.10 bringing my total to $171.08, leaving me $178.92 for the rest of the month.

I also got a gift certificate for $10.00 from IGA which I'll put towards my next shopping trip.
I forgot to post this weeks shopping! I got all of my groceries for approximately $25.00. I lost the receipt in my cleaning frenzy, so you'll just have to trust me.

Goal for June: $130.00
Current Total: $118.61
Hi All,
Yesterday the kids and I did a little shopping while DH went to the junkyard to find parts for our van. We hit the Dollar store, Walmart and Tidymans. Between all the stores we got:
8 pound bag of cat food
3- 2 lb bags of pasta
2 -2 liter bottles of pop
4 bottles of ketchup
11 pounds of bananas
1 bag of cotton balls
1 -300 count package of q-tips
1-20 count garbage bags
1-15 count zip lock bags
1 bottle dishwashing liquid
total:$13 rounding up

Goal: $250
Spent: $106 (rounding up)
Left: $144
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dh suddenly decided to throw a bar b que, so I went out and bought big ol' max packs of meat, as well as other daily items we needed...not everyone showed up so we actually have enough leftovers so my dh could eat steak straight for a whole week, that's not counting all the chicken that's left too! (oh plus some of the guests brought meat/hotdogs too!)

I'm not going to add it all up right now just because I am feeling like I'm getting a little too obsessive compulsively worried about not making the budget...I'm too competitive against my own self! ROFL!!!

Oh but i am saving all the receipts to tally up at the end up the month. I just won't worry about going over this month.
OK, lets see how I'm doing. Saturday I picked up

a case of diapers at Sam's
(2) pkgs of cookies
(1) box of chicken nuggets
(1) head of lettuce
(1) bag of frozen vegees
(1) bag of rice
(1) can of choc syrup
(1) bottle of strawberry syrup
(1) box of biscuit mix
(8) jars of meat sticks for dd
(1) can of cocoa
(1) bottle of dark Karo

$42.42, I only had $2.55 in coupons for this stuff.

Goal $150
Current Total $145.76
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The totals are in!

Goal: $150
Spent: $149.05 (57% of retail)
Coupon Savings: $114.62
Spent $6.24 obtaining coupons

Not bad. So now all I can get is free stuff, and I know there is some waiting for me at Target. (I have toothpaste and baby wipe coupons that expire this month)
I stopped by the farm to get 3 gallons of milk a few days ago. The owner told me that they were going to let the cow go dry, so I'm losing my milk supplier!!!:cry: I'm going to have to resort to buying milk and butter from the store. Darn, I just threw away all those butter coupons too.:( BTW, I spent $4.50 on the milk

Goal: $250
Left to Spend: $139.50
oh boy! I'm already past my goal..

I wanted to spend 220$ but I've already spent 254.29$!
(about 81$ spent in the last week and a half or so)

With that we got:

4 gallons milk
pack of jumbo diapers
2 packs wipes
PRODUCE~Mango's, watermellon, salad fixings....
MEAT~ Max pack of chicken breast, max pack of london broil, lunchmeat
BREAD~white bread for dh, 2 loaves of my bread, lenders bagels
Tic Tacs
health foods~Soy nuts, 4 grain cereal
Sliced cheese
Snack foods~pretzls,gum, salsa etc.
COKES~ at least FIVE 24 packs! :eek: That was at least 30$ right there alone!
and there was so much more as well

I'm already planning another trip to ralphs today too! Maaaan will I ever stop grocery shopping? :D
But hopefully if I stock up on cokes enough I can go a while without buying it next month!
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Well, being on vacation with family is really helping me out on my totals this month! So far....

$51 first week
$ 70.53 yesterday

total so far..... $121.53

Wooo Hoooo! :):)

Edited to add: OOops! forgot we had an impromptu cookout yesterday so I have to add the extra for that food....$ 38.71

new total: $160.24

still not to shabby. :)
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K, my final totals for June are 300$ :eek:
I don't know why it's so much more this month, but I think it being hot and dh drinking twice as much coke might be a part. That and my produce I eat has been adding a lot extra from before when I didn't eat as much.

I'm hoping to keep my goal for next month MUCH smaller and stick to the pantry poverty challenge.
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