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(10) .35/1 Tide Simple Pleasures, exp 3/31
(2) .50/1 any size Tide, exp 3/31
(2) .50/1 any size Tide HE, exp 3/31
.35/1 Tide To Go, 1 ct or 3 ct, exp 3/31

I'll trade all of these for 2 .39 stamps (one of which covers my postage to you) or coupons off my wishlist, below.

Email me at luckdrgon @ comcast . net (no spaces). Thanks!

Frees (LMK what you have)
Coffee Mate (IDDSO)
Similac (no organic or RTF)
Dove Chocolates
100 calorie packs (Nabisco, Frito Lay)
Ragu (need long-dated)
Bulleye Barbecue Sauce
Nestle Treasures Bar
Any baby food/cereal, not organic, expiring April or later
Tea bags - Luzianne, Lipton, Red Diamond or Community brand
Pizza Quick sauce
Orange Juice (ANY brand)
Oscar Mayer thin sliced lunchmeat
Lucky Leaf Apple Juice
Folgers Coffee - not instant
Always pads free coupon
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