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Morning all...
cloudy day here-getting ready for maybe a little snow here.
Do laundry(what else is new?)
No cookies today-have a few days off to clean the kitchen-I bought a small steam cleaner-absolutely love it!
Haircut this morning
Food Shopping
Vacuum and dust the living room
Carpool to practice...
Have a good day all!

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Right now we are getting a snow flurry and it's a bit chilly out, nothing much planned for me today besides the normal which is:

~ Straighten up bedroom
~ Marinate chicken for tomorrows dinner
~ Sweep and Mop hardwood floors
~ Pick up DD from school
~ Wash a load of laundry
~ Reheat dinner from last night
~ Put dirty dishes in dishwasher for tomorrows run
~ Watch a movie with DD

Hope everyone has a great day and stay warm! :)

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Good morning! It's kind of "warm" here, in the 20s again. Feels like a heatwave! I'm enjoying it because it's supposed to get back down below zero again next week.

Today I have my early morning class. After class dh & I have some errands to run. Somewhere in there I need to workout. Then pick up the kids and go off to my night class.

I have already:
~loaded & run the dishwasher
~started one load of laundry
~made the bed
~had breakfast
~studied for my quiz this morning

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Not much on my agenda today. The snow is moving in and I am sure it won't be long before they are sending all the kids back home from school. We are supposed to have a wrestling meet today, but I bet it gets cancelled.
So far this morning I have:
Got everyone up, fed and out the door.
Cleaned up the kitchen.
Made the beds.
Wiped down the boys bathroom.
Still need to:
Sweep the dining room.
Do a load of laundry. Does it ever end?
Figure out what's for dinner tonight.
That's it for me today. Hope everyone has a great day!

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its nice her today not very cold, suppose to warm up some this weekend.

So far I did:
made my bed
washed oldest beddings
scrubbed all the floors up and downs stairs including staircase
scrubbed all counter top(bleach)
vacumned area rug/couch/ chair
srubbed both bathrooms
light dusting every where

Today Im going to make a new recepie book for just crock pot200 page ring bound scribbler) and going to make some more valentine's dishcloths for neighbour and teachers.Thenshower, clean u0p for the day and take the afternoon off crocheting and watching t.v.

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Snowy morning in the south here. Beautiful coming down - better enjoy it now because it is going to turn to rain this afternoon.

I am going to:
~ light a fire to keep the family room warm
~ Laundry
~ do some baking - what I don't know, but I want something chocolate
~ play some games with the girls
~ make some pine cone bird feeders for the hungry birds outside
~ making creamy chicken stew in crockpot for dinner
~ Sweep/run rug sweeper

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Good morning to all.Snowy here and calling for more flurries today.I need to:
Deep clean the living room
Vacumn and mop the kitchen
Make pumpkin muffins
Should keep me busy and warm!

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Morning everyone!

It's 19 here right now with light snow. Not supposed to get much warmer than that, but I'll take Saturday we are supposed to be down in the single digits for our highs.

I'm ready to head out the door to the hospital to fight about my bills :fpunch: I hope it doesn't take all day because after that I need to head over to the shelter to volunteer for awhile. After that... come home and :laundry: and a few other odds and ends.

Hope you all have a great day! :)

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another cold morning here
so far i have
made bed
fed cats
wrote to ds
that is all
i need to:
go to work
fix dinner
sweep floors
make cookies

have a great day

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Good morning! It's 29º with a windchill of about 15º here. And my poor DH is outside all day. :(

Today I have
got the boys up and fed.
took a shower and got dressed.
ran the dishwasher.
picked up bedroom and made the bed.
wrote out a check for rent.
balanced the checkbook.

I still have to
call in my cell phone bill (once my phone is charged. haha)
call our rental place when they open for a plumber. Our shower is dripping.
vacuum and steam clean the living room and play room. (Might happen tomorrow)
hand wash pots from last night.
empty dishwasher when it's done.
dust tv.
figure out something for dinner.

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So far I fixed hubby's breakfast and packed his lunch and got him off to work. I made my bed. I did most of the dishes. I baked a coffee cake because my daughter and 2 grandbabies are coming over for a visit!!! Took care of the cats and watched one of my favorite preachers on TV. Still need to fix dinner later. My daughter is giving me a haircut when she comes over. That saves me some money and we are having leftover lasgna for lunch. Should be a very nice day. IT's cold and alittle snow is on it's way. Have a great day!

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I have 2 sick teenagers and 1 sick Fiance here today.
Enough said about my day ahead. LOL
Problem is I'm getting sick tooooo.

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According to the computer it's 9 degrees here right now. Brrrr!!

Today I need to:
Make the bed
Read a chapter for school
Work on my take-home quiz for accounting
Work on extra-credit for accounting
Finish laundry from yesterday

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Today I got to sleep in because the kids had a 2 hr delay due to weather, the school sent home a letter yesterday, so we got up to find that school was cancelled. The only thing planned for the day is some basic cleaning up around the house and cooking dinner. I also need to get our tax forms together and ready to take to the post office tomorrow.

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It's snowing...dd was on a 2 hour delay to school, which I didn't realize until after she was up...oops! It's coming down pretty good out there--it's possible we could get up to 6 inches, but right now I don't think there is more than an inch out there. Dh went to work at 4:45 and will not be home until 7 tonight (inventory today and tomorrow). His company just got taken over yesterday by the new owners (a motor manufacturer from Arkansas).

Anyway, I have already:
*Got dd off to school (finally)
*Made our bed
*Stripped the kids' beds
*Washed both dd's sheets, dried and remade beds
*Drying ds's sheets now
*Currently washing some throw rugs that need it
*Cleaning out coffee maker with vinegar (monthly cleaning)
*Paid the gas bill
*Fed all animals
*Cleaned out litter box/taken trash out to garage
*Picked up some toys

Still on the agenda:
*Finish the kids' sheets
*Do the dusting
*Pay some bills
*Start working on grocery list (need to finish menu first)
*Fix dinner/clean up
*Give kids baths/put to bed

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It's 25 degrees here and cloudy, but it must not have gotten too cold overnight as we didn't have to scrape off the car this morning before going to work. That was a welcomed surprise.

So far today I have:
* gotten up and dressed
* packed lunch
* ate breakfast (free bagel and milk day at work! woo hoo!)
* cleared my inbox at work
* applied a large billing debit to a client's account
* did the schedule and image

I still need to:
* submit the banners and special events graphics
* set up the cycle 0 billing lists
* go to the doctor
* take some invitations to friends for our anti-superbowl party
* look online at our paystubs (direct deposited at midnight tonight)
* make a menu for next week

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really frost this morning, but it's supposed to be sunny today.

Need to :
jump on bike for 30 min.
put dishes away
clean downstairs bathroom
straighten up a bit
throw a load of laundry in to wash
get split pea soup going in crockpot
off to work 11-3

Need to come home and deep clean everything else, so I don't have to do it on the weekend.

Sorry you have to take care of a sick family ..Hollyhandi. Really sorry your getting sick too :thud:

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Morning all. Did all the basic chores, went to the bank and paid the mortgage as its payday here. Went grocery shopping too. Very cold weather is coming and dh and I ordered two cords of wood. It will be delivered on Saturday.Leftovers for supper tonight. Have a good day

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Good afternoon all!!! The day is only getting better thankfully! I have a sick baby that was up most of the night and I had a toothache over night too. No sleep=grumpy mama= arguing with dh :pdoff: Anywho I have...

~ washed and dried two loads of laundry
~ showered and dressed
~ lunch and breakfast
~ paid bills and worked more on grocery list based on sales
~ went grocery shopping...$3 under budget :cheergrl:

Still to do:
~ finish crocheting a birthday present for a party tonight
~ fold and put away laundry
~ do reading, science, and history with dd
~ maybe bake cupcakes and banana bread
~ birthday party at mc d's at dinnertime
~ put kids to bed and relax

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Well its been a heavy day. I went to the funeral of a childhood friends father today. We buried him next to "Mom" I was ther the day she died 30 years ago. It was also tought because my ex husband works for my childhood friend and was there too.But we spoke of "Dad" and managed to avoid each other the rest of the day. Such a strange feeling. DD went with me and we had a good mother/daughter bonding day.
Came home in the rain about 75 out and very windy. Took a nap and now have made dinner "convict supper" and am cleaning up. To work with DH tommoorow life goes on.

LAurie in Bradenton
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