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Were all losing weight and I was wondering if anyone has checked their BMI since you've been dropping the pounds.

I've dropped mine by 4.5 points, not much but each time we drop it, it helps our body and especially our heart!!!

If you don't know how to check your BMI, Sara was kind enough to put it in resources. Go to the top of this page and where it says resources, scroll down and you'll see Diet centre. Scroll down and you'll see BMI calculator. You'll need to put your current weight and your height in, and it'll calculate it for you.

See what it was when you first started and what it is now. Its actually quite interesting to keep track of it and it certainly will give you incentive to lose if you do a search on BMI and see what all those numbers mean!!!

Here are a site to explain exactly what it is and where your at.
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