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Have had good luck on surprise coupons lately

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We wanted to get 2 liters of soda for Halloween night and the store had them on sale for 88 cents we also were planning on renting a red box movie for that night.

Peelie on one 2 liter said $1 if you buy three

three sodas 2.64 -1 =1.64 then registrar printed a free redbox rental code $1 minus 10 cents for using my own bags

So movie and 3 soda for family Halloween movie night price 54 cents


Also had luck at Mc Donald's with the monopoly peelies

On a family dinner after parent teachers conferences ran long and the children, both recieved good reports so we celebrated out. The kid wanted Mc Donald's
I got a large beef sandwich free coupon(peelie) Buddy got a free fry ( which I'm sure he will use soon)

I used my coupon for a double quarter pounder And bought a large fry. Enough food for two to share. $1.50 approximately.
When I peeled my peelies I got another free large burger. LOL

Plan on using it to get another double quarter pounder and will buy a large fry.

four meals for aprox. $3

Wonderful surspise and joy since we have cut back in the eating out budget.

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Wow! Now that's the kind of luck to have...isn't it funny how such simple things make us so happy...
Hope your luck continues for awhile..congratulations
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