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Have you ever said anyting you regretted?

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I will be the first to say, yes I have.

I regret some of the things I have told my mother while growing up. If I would have only knew then what I know now!!

I also regret saying some things to a friend. I wish I could take some words back.

How about you?
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I agree with Heavensent, I say something, I regret just about everyday.
Same here. Surprised ain'tcha. :p me and my big mouth. I am always saying something i regret.
lol, another one with foot & mouth disease here:eek:
Every day - several times a day. I have yet to learn to control my mouth.
Often enough for me too....... Well we're only human.......
This is one of the things that I am diligently working on. I have made a concerted effort to think before I speak. I sometimes speak to quickly and it comes back to haunt me later on so I am really working on that.
Almost everyday! I do appologize after the fact. I am trying desperatly to change this.
Yes, I once yelled at my grandpa and I still feel so bad about it. I apologized over and over again for yelling (He did however lose DH, my fiance at the time... in an international airport) However, I shouldn't have lost my temper. Grandpa is dead now and if it wasn't for that day we would have had a spotless fight free relationship.
I think we all have....:(
The only things I regret saying are things I said while gorwing up to my grandparents, they are both gone now and I wish I oculd go back and take the bad thinsg I said back..
It was hard being a teenager...

But I don't often say things I regret..
Of course. I couldn't count the times.
Excuse me while I get the taste of leather out of my mouth :toothy:
More often than I would like to admit to...I apologize alot....some day's more than others.
I have said some things I shouldn't have in the past but I have since learned to think before speaking.
:( This is an ongoing "challenge" for me. I really try to think before I speak, but I do blow it and have to appologize. I've learned to warn everyone in my family when "that time of the month" arrives and spend more time alone then so I don't blow it.
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