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Have you turned on the heater yet?

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~We're still holding out here. I usually wait until the temperature in the house drops below 60* for more than 3 hours in the morning. It's been rather mild here this October and sunny which heats up my small house pretty well.~
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Last night I put the fuses back in for the heat and had to turn it on in the bedrooms. I only set it at 60 so it just comes on through the night if it is getting too cold. I don't like putting the electric heat on, but the chimney hasn't been cleaned yet so I can't put a fire on.
mine has been running on and off for several weeks now.
last nite, went to trick or treat street at a work event and a 70 degree day sure turned cold!
No...It was reading 60 in here for a few day's straight during the past couple of weeks which is real cold for me but I didn't give in...I had my dh start the fire in the wood stove and that took the chill out of the air..However tomorrow the forcast is snow so I will probably have no choice but to turn on the heat..
Never physically turn it off. The thermostat is set for 68 during the day and 60 at night year round. The propane furnace ran in the mornings for the last week or so.
Ours has been on intermittently for a couple of weeks.
Ours has been on intermittently for a couple of weeks.
I passed the 'intermittent' stage last night............we dropped into
the low 20's!!! :yikes:

Have had mine on for weeks..........I don't do cold!!!
No, but have the heating blankets out. It got down to 60 inside but we're going to have to live with it.
Three weeks, we've had the wood furnace going (MIL was cold). She lives next door. Our house, heat is not turned on, per se, but the circulating water makes it warm. Supposed to get snow/rain today. . . maybe I'll toss something in the crock pot - it'll also warm the kitchen/dining area.
I've had to turn the heat on for about an hour each morning the last two days, also turned on the electric fireplace. I'm interested to see how this will effect my gas and electric bill in my new apartment, I've only been paying $10 for gas and $15 for electric monthly.
Yes, it's on here and I got to drive in snow today ...
Yep we had to had a hard freeze last Friday night here. It's 43 here now and getting down to 31 tonight brrr!
Just once last week when it dipped to 32 at night. I keep my bedroom window open at night when it's in the 40's. heh It's been a perfect October. :)
~We went on a mini camping trip and got back today. We left the campground at 35-ish* and pouring rain. We walked into a dark and dreary 57* house. After feeling chilled to the bone already, I just couldn't take it.
The heater is officially on!~
Broke down and turned it on yesterday. I usually try to wait until sometime in November.
Haven't had a lot of choice. It dropped into the 40's a good week ago, and we just got snowed on all night!
Not yet. It's getting very cold at night, so we are having to close windows, but I just have the kids slip on a sweatshirt. I do need to purchase additional blankets for the house. I will be attempting to not turn on the heat for at least a few more weeks.
It was 59 inside my house when we woke up this, I broke down and turned on the heater. It is set at 62. Will hopefully invest in either heating blankets or heated mattress pads soon to turn in down some more.
Nope, not yet. Have used the oil radiators to take the chill off, it hasn't been above 60' in the house for a week or more. Has dipped pretty low at night. When we do it will be set so as the pipes won't freeze. Other than that we'll use the oil radiators. They don't heat the house, but they sure keep it from freezing in here. If company comes over we'll kick it up so they are not uncomfortable.

Last Winter I had a tough time ticking that thermostat back to 62' but by the time Winter was a third or so of the way in I could have it well under 60' I draw the line where we can see our our breath in the house. My one GF's husband keeps their heat that low. That's just crazy.

The only time the heater gets kicked up (other than for company) is if someone is sick.
Got ours set at 64.It's 34 windchill today. A bit chilly.
I think we will be tonight, it's slipping into the 50's tonight and omg, it's SO COLD!
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