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Have you turned on the heater yet?

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~We're still holding out here. I usually wait until the temperature in the house drops below 60* for more than 3 hours in the morning. It's been rather mild here this October and sunny which heats up my small house pretty well.~
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Still not heat on. I've got the electric throws out. We'll see how long we can last. Dh and I have decided 60 will be our give in point.
*Sigh*..... I just had to turn the heater on today. It was 45 degrees this morning and an expected 29 for a low tonight. I'm not looking forward to high heat bills.....
Ours is still off. 55.2* inside as I write this...with a quilt over my shoulders. We had 15" of snow on Saturday but we take advantage of sunny days and open the drapes fully so it gets up to 70* in the living area. Close the drapes when the sun goes dawn and it retains the heat.

We keep the bedroom door closed so with solar heating, an electric blanket and a warm DH, it is warmer.

Grrr, dh just came home from work and said how cold it is in this house. Really? He turned the heat on and I let it knock off the chill and I turned it way down so it may only kick only a couple times tonight, maybe, since it's suppose to get to freezing tonight. So this is only the second time we've turned it on this year. Not bad, the weather has been nice.

Trying to cut our gas bill since it went up 20 bucks! And where is the cold cream!! heh
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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