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Cream Cheese Crockpot Chicken (ww)...Serves 6

Cream Cheese Crockpot Chicken (ww)...Serves 6
Talk about Easy!!!!

1 1/2 pounds frozen uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breasts
15 oz canned black beans, drained
15 oz canned yellow corn, drained
16 oz salsa
8 oz Kraft Philadelphia Brand Free Fat-Free Cream Cheese

Put frozen chicken breasts in crockpot, cover with can of black beans, can of corn and jar of salsa. cook on high 4-5 hours or until chicken is cooked. Place block of cream cheese on top and cook for additional 1/2 hr.
Serves 6 @ 5 Points Each

[email protected] Cuisine
I usually shred the chicken with two forks and stir it well before serving. Serve this with brown or white rice. I have used boneless, skinless leg and thigh meat instead of breast and that worked. I have also used regular, low-fat and non-fat cream cheese, all worked. - Irene
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