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Heat officially turned on yet?

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Well, it has been getting into the 30's and even the 20's at night here so I have turned the heat on offically this year. Yuck!!! My heat is turned down very low so it has only been running at night and early morning. Guess that is ok since winter is officially here in 4 days.

Just keeping my fingers crossed that this winter is not bad weather wise.

So is your heat officially turned on?
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Yep! Got our woodstove up and running!
~Wow, you held out for a long time! WTG! Ours has been on for weeks.~
Here in Tx. we have heat on one day and the next we need the a/ is frustrating....
I'm kind of like bookwormpeg, but haven't had the A/C on sincemid to late November. I've had the heat on probably four or five mornings for half and hour or so, just to take the night chill off the apartment. We're down in the 50s all this coming week, so I'll probably have to use it a little in the mornings. Probably more in January/February, then it will moving back up toward A/C.
The heat is on. But, it's cold in here..can't feel the heat!!
Ours has been on for two or three months.
Ours has been on and off since November, it's 70 here one day and 30 the next.
I'm in central Florida. Still have the system switched to A/C set at 78 degrees, and it kicks on occasionally. Even when it got into the 50s at night, the apartment only dropped to 73. I wish it would get colder, I'm sick of this heat.
Fifties at night is good sleeping weather.
Central Florida too....A/C set to heat...air occasionally kicks on. Windows open at night when it got down in 40's and 50's. House still didn't get below 74 here either...That kept the house cooler during the day longer having the windows open at night.
It's on, but it's on low. The kids all have extra blankets on their beds, and DH and I have a sleeping bag unrolled on top of our comforter. :)
Ours has been on for about 3 months! :thud:
No heat here in Nor. CA. It hasn't gotten cold enough here.
We started burning wood in October. It is cold enough here that we now keep the fire burning 24 hrs. Once the sun starts to clear the trees again (late January), we can cut back on sunny days.
Been off and on here for a few weeks. Was off most of today, will be off tomorrow.

Our temps keep bouncing.
Ours has been on for about 3 months! :thud:
Mine too DC!

We haven't had much snow but 30's during the day........and into
20's at night...........too darn cold for these old bones!!

I have been in my fleece clothes for about two months!

Haven't put my fleece sheets on yet.........still doing flannel!
Right now it is a balmy 60 degrees inside. Yup, I keep the heat low. Am dressed as if I am going outside on a crisp fall day.
During the day up here, I keep the heat on 68F. If it's lower than that, I'm absolutely freezing. It's bad enough I have to wear fingerless gloves when I type and two layers of shirts.

We had our heat on for a while now.
We have gas heat plus a gas fireplace. We keep the temp at 68 during the day and 50 at night. I like to sleep very cool! The cost of gas is pretty cheap here, so i don't mind using the gas fireplace quite often. We have 1850 sq. ft. home, heated with gas, a gas water heater, and gas fireplace, and our monthly rate is about $30. Not too bad!
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