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Heat officially turned on yet?

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Well, it has been getting into the 30's and even the 20's at night here so I have turned the heat on offically this year. Yuck!!! My heat is turned down very low so it has only been running at night and early morning. Guess that is ok since winter is officially here in 4 days.

Just keeping my fingers crossed that this winter is not bad weather wise.

So is your heat officially turned on?
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Wow, that rate is good. Am all bundled up and have a blanket on also.
Heat has been on here since November. Baby it is cold outside! LOL.
I am finding that as I get older, I can't tolerate the cold as well..... Plus I dont think this house is very well insulated which adds to the challenge. I dread the heating bill but have decided I would rather pay another 50 or so per month than be miserable all the time. I will still work to keep it low but I am setting the temp higher than I would have in the past
Woodstove gets loaded up in the morning, heats up to 80 sometimes (I often wear capri's & short sleeve shirts indoors :p ) and that will keep it warm for the rest of the day.
We heated with wood all the time we lived in MO, but had to get used to the gas heat up here. This might sound strange, but gas heat felt cold! Wood heat is soooooo much warmer!
Darlene, really would like to be able to walk around in shorts or capris.
Texas here, too, and with all the holiday baking, I've actually had the AC on lately! It finally got cool enough last night for the heat to kick on early this morning (unit switches from heat to cool, as required by thermostat, which is a good feature to have with this crazy weather here). I MUCH prefer cold outside. Envious of those of you that live some place cold.
Darlene, really would like to be able to walk around in shorts or capris.
Yeah it's balmy in the morn then cools off during the day so I throw on a sweater but keep the capris if I'm not going out. The other day I had to stop myself and change before we left the house to go grocery shopping. It was in the upper 30's and flip flops really weren't proper footwear. :p
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