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Well, this is my first post. I thought the questionnaire was a great idea so here goes: :)

How did you hear about frugal village?

I came to frugal village when I was Googling a laundry question.

What interests you here?

Lots of stuff from food to household, local communities, kiths, you name it.

What will you contribute?

I am pretty frugal due to necessity and despite being a guy, I am very good at household stuff and cooking. I also make my own soap from lye and leftover kitchen grease.

Do you know any other members here?

Not yet, or not that I am aware of.

How many kids? Ages?

No children, although I wouldn't mind being an adopted grandparent!

Tell us about yourself.

I'm 43 now, live in little house in Portland, OR, work full time, and enjoy spending time being a homebody. Not an exciting person but pretty nice and pretty loyal.

Do you own any pets?

I have 2 Poms, 2 chihuahuas, and 2 rat terriers. They keep me quite busy.


I work in commercial construction; essentially a highly specialized branch of construction management. Empahsis on green buildings.

Married or single?

Joyously single again.

Interests and hobbies?

Hand crafted soap, computers and Internet...especially Linux, music of all kinds, religion and spirituality, cooking and vintage cookbooks, and lots of other stuff that catches my eye. I am always interested in something.

Look forward to meeting you all!


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Welcome Mike! I lived in North Portland for 6 years back in college and just afterwards and I really miss it! Such a great place. I especially miss Powells Bookstore and that georgeous library downstown...and the movie house on 5th if that's still there!

Enjoy the village, I love it here!

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Nice to have you here Mike, make yourself at home. :apple:

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Powells...most amazing bookstore ever!!!

Welcome Mike, from your next door neighbor in Washington!

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Hi and welcome Mike! Make yourself at home. :)
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