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About Us — A Bee's Mission
We want to create products that everyone loves. But it’s hard to do if it there's no conversation or communication, because then it’s just guesswork, wasted undirected designs and frustration.

That’s why was born: to help bring you into the creative process as part of a humming, buzzing, useful hive…so you get exactly what you want every time.

As a SparkleBee, you’ll be able to Bee Heard by participating in polls and creating your custom SparkleBee Member Profile. SparkleBees have access to special product promotions and news on where to find the latest products. We’ll let you know when there are special SparkleBee discounts available at national retail locations.

So, welcome to SparkleBee --- bee-come a member and enjoy!

SparkleBees can use this exclusive website to share thoughts with other SparkleBee members and to tell us what you want next.
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