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HELP - DD turned into a Teen Overnight!

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DD started Middle school yesterday and she is already acting like a teen!

She doesn't want breakfast! She needs to eat to keep her blood sugar level or she gets REALLY MOODY more than than a teen - lol

I need some Quick on the go Breakfast Ideas she can eat in the car on the way to school. I have already tried:

1 - yogurt w/fruit and a piece of bacon - she feed the dog the bacon on the way out the door and only 1/4 of the fruit

2-Tried toast with cinn and sugar - nope no go saw her throw that one in the trash.

She tells me she just isn't hungry - I would believe her but she has ALWAYS been a BIG EATER!

Give me those idea's people.... either that or please switch places with me until she's out of High School! (j/k)
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I'd see if a smoothie would work. I cannot eat when I first get up and tend to like something other that traditional breakfast food.

If she is having to get up earlier than last year or school starts earlier this may throw her off and she truly isn't hungry when she is headed out the door. I do agree with McD that throwing out food isn't a good answer nor feeding the dog. Food is just too expensive.

I'd also wonder if she had a run in with some one and just doesn't want to tell you and she is just kind of to knotted up in the morning to eat. I guess if it were me I would ask when she thinks will work to at least have something in the morning if possible and if she flat out refuses then I'd probably let her go with her own instinct for a while and see what happens.
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