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HELP - DD turned into a Teen Overnight!

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DD started Middle school yesterday and she is already acting like a teen!

She doesn't want breakfast! She needs to eat to keep her blood sugar level or she gets REALLY MOODY more than than a teen - lol

I need some Quick on the go Breakfast Ideas she can eat in the car on the way to school. I have already tried:

1 - yogurt w/fruit and a piece of bacon - she feed the dog the bacon on the way out the door and only 1/4 of the fruit

2-Tried toast with cinn and sugar - nope no go saw her throw that one in the trash.

She tells me she just isn't hungry - I would believe her but she has ALWAYS been a BIG EATER!

Give me those idea's people.... either that or please switch places with me until she's out of High School! (j/k)
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I would try to get to the root of the problem of 'not being hungry'. Is she having body issues lately? Has some butt nugget made a mean comment to her?

I'd tell her breakfast isn't an option-she's going to eat it. She can make suggestions as to what she wants. I'd also find a way to nip the throwing the food in the trash or feeding it to the dog habit in the bud. Food is way to expensive for that to happen.
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I sincerely disagree with this method. From my experience it will only lead to control issues, possibly bulimia if she decides to eat it and throw it up when she gets to school. (speaking from experience) you can make someone do something at the moment, you can't control them once they are out of your sight.

I suggest communication, offers of other food, offers of food to take on-the-go if she gets hungry later, but not attempts to control her. If she starts dropping weight, head to the doctor.

Hugs, this stuff isn't fun!
I didn't phrase that well. I think everyone should eat something in the morning. Doesn't always need to be a full on, huge breakfast. Dubya fluctuates--sometimes leftover pizza, sometimes a bagel or fruit, sometimes just fruit snacks.

I meant that she needs to eat something, but to perhaps let her be more involved in the picking/choosing process.

Does that make more sense?
Ah! It does. Sorry if I sounded harsh, I panicked. As a non-breakfast person, if someone had forced food on me it would just come right back up.
totally agree that breakfast doesn't have to be traditional breakfast foods, yup.

No problem. I am not a huge fan of breakfast food either. I like Luna bars and peanut butter toast.
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