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HELP - DD turned into a Teen Overnight!

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DD started Middle school yesterday and she is already acting like a teen!

She doesn't want breakfast! She needs to eat to keep her blood sugar level or she gets REALLY MOODY more than than a teen - lol

I need some Quick on the go Breakfast Ideas she can eat in the car on the way to school. I have already tried:

1 - yogurt w/fruit and a piece of bacon - she feed the dog the bacon on the way out the door and only 1/4 of the fruit

2-Tried toast with cinn and sugar - nope no go saw her throw that one in the trash.

She tells me she just isn't hungry - I would believe her but she has ALWAYS been a BIG EATER!

Give me those idea's people.... either that or please switch places with me until she's out of High School! (j/k)
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Maybe it is TOM come to think of it.... the not eating starts a few days to a week before she starts... Anyone else have this issue???? I know I am the opposite! I eat EVERYTHING

Kim, when my DD starts to get around her TOM, she is always not hungry when she first gets up. Says it makes her feel nauseous - and she's 22! Maybe one of them carnation breakfast shakes might help.
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