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Help me find a deal at CVS

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Anything good going on right now? I got a $3 extra-buck coupon today. Looked around the store but didn't spot any super deals. Lot of BOGO on candy, which I don't want.

Any suggestions for getting (nearly) free stuff? Maybe with an online coupon?
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Wisk is bogo- there are $2 off coupons out there (you can order online if you can't get your hands on the right coupon pages). My CVS charges $6.49 a bottle- so $6.49 for 2 bottles (b1g1 free), -2 coupon on one, -2 coupon on the 2nd= $2.29 fro 2 bottles of Wisk. This deal seems to roll around every few months, not certain of the exact time span between the Wisk b1g1 deal, but if couponc expire far enough out you might want to consider for next time.
Green bag tags this week are .99, get .99 ecbs back (so, free). Use the tag 4 times, get $1 ECB back. As I understand it, you may use one tag per card, per day, so no need to buy more than one, but you have it scanned when you bring your own bag to put your purchase in, or carry it out without a bag if you're only buying an item or two.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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