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Help me find a deal at CVS

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Anything good going on right now? I got a $3 extra-buck coupon today. Looked around the store but didn't spot any super deals. Lot of BOGO on candy, which I don't want.

Any suggestions for getting (nearly) free stuff? Maybe with an online coupon?
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Do you wear contact lens's? They have a money maker on complete solution. sale is 8.99 you get 8.99 extra care bucks so it's free but there is a 1.00 off coupon in the paper so they are paying you a dollar in CVS money to take it.
But if you just got it today you could just hand onto for next weeks deals.
I still get all the free I need too. In fact I slowed down because I was getting too much of it and I'm not a fan of clutter.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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