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I've just got too... much... stuff... in my kitchen freezer. Trying to use it up, but got to a point where I am stuck for ideas.

What I want to do is use up as much of this as possible without having to cook too much more food. IE, use the beef gravy without having to cook another roast to put it on.

Here's the list:

1/2 lb ground turkey
hot dogs
baked beans (DH won't eat)
frozen mixed berries
6 chicken drumsticks
bread dough
1/2lb ground lamb
queso fresca
1 cup whole cranberries
lamb gyro (1 serving)
corned beef
cooked crumbled italian sausage (DH won't eat)
egg roll wraps
bean burritos (DH won't eat)
stir fry sauce
beef gravy
roasted chilies (DH won't eat)

I have a full pantry of dry goods and seasonings to add to this.

What would you cook?

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Too much stuff..........but I see a couple of decent soups.......and either a mixed fruit salad or some smoothies. Mix the meat for the soups.......can get some great combos doing that.

Not sure if the bread dough would work for dumplings (refrig. biscuits do) but check it out online and do something with some more meat and the bread dough. The hot dogs can go in with the beans......or.......???

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Hmmm...well with the ground turkey, I'd mix it like a meatloaf, with chopped onion, egg, and bread crumbs. Maybe season with S&P, garlic powder, and some celery seed. I would roll it out to form a rectangle, than fill it with the cranberries, and a little home-made stuffing. Roll it all up jelly roll style, and bake, covering it with a can or 2 of gravy, or maybe a couple of cans of cream soup. Too bad your dh doesn't like the sausage. It would work great as part of the stuffing mixture. Serve with your veggies, and just buy potatoes.

For the clams, I'd make one of my favorites.....linguine and clam sauce. (do a google for a recipe if you don't have one). I prefer the white sauce, but you might like the red (tomato based) better. Then I would use some pesto, and make some kind of "pesto-cheese" bread from the dough to have on the side. For the cheese, I'd probably use parmesan. I would also fry my broccoli in olive oil and garlic, then bake with buttered italian bread crumbs, and again, some parmesan.

And like Franny said, there's got to be the "makings" of a soup somewhere in there too. Just a thought, but I'm adventurous enough to throw that beef gravy into a soup. I couldn't hurt, kwim? :shrug2:

Have fun and let us know how you make out. :chef2:

Theresa :)
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