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Hello all,
Given that I have been reading such wonderful content from this forum since I joined a couple of weeks ago, I thought on asking for some advice here.

I am currently in charge of my two nieces' education since their mom (my sister, single mom) works full time and I am fortunate to stay at home for work so I help them in the afternoons with homework and the likes.
One of my nieces is in the autistic spectrum and she is now having some issues with math. She is a brilliant kid, don't get me wrong, but the pandemic truly has affected her since she lost her dad to covid in 2020 and to make things worse, the educational environment she was used to is completely changed.

I truly want to help my niece during this time (actually, to all my two nieces and sister, that is why I moved in with them).
So the first thing I did was to register her in an online academy which was recommended to me called StudyPug and it has been a great aid!!! My niece is in high school and she is now preparing for her tests and the content in the site is truly amazing. But that one is a paid membership, and sure we can keep it, but I would like to have some other materials to offer her and not breaking the bank.

Any recommendation you have on this?
Math for high schoolers, besides Khan Academy, what else can I find out there?

- Miss Pie
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