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High Cholesterol Anyone?

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I have high cholesterol. According to my doctor, it's a result of thyroid issues, genetics, and my diet.

It's frustrating to me because, even though my thyroid is under control with the aid of medication, my cholesterol meds aren't helping.

It's also frustrating to me because there is nothing I can do to change the genetics portion of the equation and I feel as if I eat fairly healthy.

I'm realistic however, and realize that there is always room for improvement within my diet. I'm looking into purchasing or checking out a low cholesterol cookbook.

Any advice on what to avoid or what to change? Any one experience this themselves?
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I'm there with you as I'm sure a lot of FVers are. I'm also recommitted to lowering my cholersterol and blood pressure and will post any ideas that I find. Looking forwward to conquering what we can.
I'm in the 190's, down from 226. so I am making progress. I credit the drop to fish oil pills and more fiber.
Great going Russ!!

We take fish oil - need to increase fiber even more!!
my total cholesterol is 226 & I take fish oil need to eat more fiber. I have thyroid problems also. I eat oatmeal a couple times a wk. I haven't been to my dr. cause we have no insurance. ):
Take care of yourself Trishagirl - not having insurance makes doing the best you can even more important. Mahalo for mentioning oatmeal - need to get back into that habit!!
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my total cholesterol is 226 & I take fish oil need to eat more fiber. I have thyroid problems also. I eat oatmeal a couple times a wk. I haven't been to my dr. cause we have no insurance. ):
Try your local county health department - this is nothing to fool around with!!
Sometimes you just have to try different cholesterol lowering meds until you find the right one for you. Pravachol is one of the original statins drugs, now available on the $4 WalMart plan, and very few doctors even think to try it. My sister has the genetic type of VERY high (400s) cholesterol, and Pravachol is the only one that seems to be helping her (she's 4'10" and weighs about 90#)
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Mine topped at 250 about 5 years ago. I take lipitor. Last cholesterol was 146. I lost weight. Get better sleep. and have tried to eat better. Mom and dad and brother all have it.
Good luck. I bought fish oil but have yet to stick it in my mouth.
Great going FW!!

BTW - I find that vitamins and supplements work best when actually put in ones mouth and swallowed. ;)
But MM- Fish. Yucky.
bah.. you can't even taste the fish. Take em, NOW!.
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I shudder at the thought of fish oil pills, but I can eat tilapia and all that.

I'm on pravastatin now. Not sure if the doctor is going to want to increase the dosage or switch to something different.

I have been readign that a carb heavy diet is not good. And man, oh man, do I love carbs.
A few foods that help ..
Nuts - Almonds, Pistachios, walnuts
Whole grains
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And BTW.. my wife despises fish and she just started taking them.
Russ-Your not the boss of me!! Why'd they have to make them clear like fish Couldn't they be pretty.

And yes,carbaholic here too. And winters comin' fast. So i got some pretty blue pills for that recently. So pretty.
I have genetic high chol. Doc told me to take 6 of those honkin' big fish oil tabs a day. I do. Can't taste the fish at all in it.

I also take simvastatin ($10 for a 3 month supply at Walmart).

And I follow a low carb diet (most of the time). These have worked to keep it under control. My number is on the high side of normal, but at least it's in the normal range.
Russ-Your the boss of me!! I can't wait to start taking them.

:crackup: Fixed it for you. :va:
Poor dear Russ. You just don't know what you've done. My DH is packing my things,he is so glad to be unemployed. We should be there for dinner. He is bringing beer as an apology. And of course i am packing all the cats.
My doctor had suggested fish oil & red yeast rice (supplement), but my numbers were better on the last check. I forget the amount she suggested, but it was a lot of the fish oil. Said it had help her husband. Definitely ask your doctor since you're on other meds, just in case.
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