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One thing I did do in spades since last year is hook rug and spin. The spinning is going into my rugs. I spin natural fibres and combine them with silk and wool fabric to hook original designs on a linen backing. I have also been spending money on online courses. Plus I was in four different crafts sales.

This all costs money. I figure I spent $1200CAD on those two alone last year, and I was holding back. This year I have spent about $500CAD. These figures include 3 online courses, membership fees for professional organizations, and supplies. Then there's the entry fee for the sales, etc. One can argue this has gone from hobby to business, and it has. Or rather, I am trying to get there.

I became a member of the provincial Craft Council in December and was juried in as a professional craftsperson in March. This means I can sell my rugs at their high end sales. I am looking forward to the experience. I am only doing one sale this year with them.

However a high end sale means a high end display. So today I went out to purchase a grid display system. It was ~$250CAD. :sigh: :thud: However it will last a long time, it fits in my car, I can lift it and set it up, and it looks nice.

Will I make money at this? I do not know. Last year I made about $300CAD on my rug hooking. Not a lot. But then we were in all the wrong kinds of sales. This year we will have to wait and see. I have a long way to go before I recoup costs on this one!

After years of being frugal by cutting back and eliminating things and services, and creating new habits, it is time to reassess my hobby situation. While my hobby is not terribly frugal, I am trying to turn it around so it earns us some money. Right now I will sell the rugs as artwork. But eventually I will look at other ways to expand and create value where none existed before.
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