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Homemade Breakfast Sausage

Recipe Description
This is a simple food processor recipe. Very easy to make.

My cost to make:

2lbs of pork shoulder - $4
8 oz of salt pork - $2
Spices - .50 cents

6.50/4 = $1.63 per roll.​
Preparation Steps:
Have a clean food processor ready with the chopping blade on. Another clean bowl ready and lots of parchment paper.​
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
10 minutes​
2lbs of pork shoulder
8 oz of salt pork
1 teas marjoram
2 teas sage
2 teas pepper
1 teas salt
1 teas paprika
1/2 teas garlic powder​
4 rolls​
1.) Cut pork and salt pork into 1 inch chunks.
2.) Place in a food processor and processor in pulses for 3 seconds each until ground and mixed together
3.) Measure out spices in a bowl. Add more or less to your own liking.
4.) Dump the pork into the bowl and mix well with your hands
5.) Divide into the fourths and roll in 2 long strips of parchment paper. Freeze or use within 2 day.​

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You can leave the salt pork out and have just basically lean pork. The pork shoulder I used had almost no fat on it. I add the salt pork because I use the sausage for biscuits and gravy, thereby needing the fat. Just a thought :patty:

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I make my own sausage too...but I use ground turkey instead....we like it and it is cheaper and has less cholesterol....
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