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Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk

Recipe Description
This is a 'from scratch' recipe for canned sweetened condensed milk. (The brand name equivalent would be Eagle Brand)

Its so easy, I may never buy a can again.

This recipe makes the equivalent of one 14oz can

(BTW I know this isn't a "sauce" but this seemed to be the most fitting category as its similar to a condiment/sauce)​
Preparation Steps:
Boil water - or in my case, turn on the kettle and measure out the water once its done boiling.

Take out either the blender OR a heat-safe bowl and wire whisk. (I don't think this is a big enough job to warrant a blender and a whisk and bowl are much easier to wash, IMO.)​
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
5-10 minutes​
1c instant non-fat powdered milk
1/3c boiling water
3tbsp melted margarine or butter
2/3c granulated sugar
splash of vanilla (optional)
tiny pinch of salt (optional)​
equal to 1 x 14oz can​
Place all the ingredients in a heat-safe bowl and whisk until well mixed and very smooth.

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.

It will be a thinner consistency then the canned stuff but if you let it sit, I find it thickens up. After refrigeration, I find it to be thicker as well.

It should last a few weeks in the fridge, however each time I've made it, I've used it right away or within a day or two.​

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Thanks for this recipe. I was planning on looking for something like this soon. I certainly don't want to spend extra money to buy something that I can easily make.


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Its about $3/can here! :thud:

Glad I found this recipe before the holiday baking season started.
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