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Homework, when do they do it?

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Do you make your children do their homework right when they get home or let it wait?

I ask because as soon as my niece & nephew get home, SIL has them at the table doing their homework.

My nephew (the one I have custody of) goes to public school and I let him wait until after dinner to do his homework. I just feel he spends 7hrs at school doing school work he needs some downtime when he gets home.

How about yours?
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well until they hit about 6th grade when i let them decide on their own and they do their homework on their own ( and learn repercussions for their decisions) its after school.

they come home - get changed if they want to and have a snack and do homework . no TVS etc on until its done

after dinner the last thing i want to be doing is worrying about school work . By that time of night i neeed to relax a bit and in cool weather i am not feeling too hot with my fibro .

i think for my kids, it feels like school has attached itself to the whole day if they still do school stuff after dinner .
This way the rest of the day is theirs .

its easier organizing wise too because i dont have homework all over the dining room table until 8pm . they put it away as soon as its done.

anything that is done after dinner is quizzing the youngest for a test, which i usually have dh do when he gets home from work so he has some involvement in their homework.

i started it this way with the oldest and the rest just followed thru and most times even in high school, they still do it that way . The girls have tried it the other way found they didnt like it and went back .

i know alot of kids, once they are out of that school mode cant get back in so they end up dragging out homeowrk for hours until bedtime and it ends in tears because they are tired .

my kids usually get thru their homework within 45 min or less and then the rest of the day / night is theirs.

exceptions for having dr appts- birthday parties - if its a warm winter day and not alot of daylight hours left i will tell them to go out and play and then come inside. but sometimes they still want to do it first .

i dont t hink theres a right or wrong - just what works best for your family .
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